Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why Blogging????

Hi frns,
          Have you guys ever wonder why you started blogging??
          What made you to start a blog???
           Why you want to share to all about what you think???
            There is any reason behind???

In my case i started to write a blog because mainly of two reasons:-
               1)I was in a depression having no job and even not doing anything because of waiting.
                2)To hide my tears to  make  others laugh.
I was such a type of girl who doesn't even know that there will be a Master degree until my Btech first year!!!!
I wonder how and why i was like this so different than everyone??
Why i don't know???
Because i was born and brought up in a village???
or due to that i'm a slow learner??
But as far as i know i'm a good student in my college very much active but why i couldn't even know these things which relate to studies.

        Everyone cannot know everything but must know it,i did came to know and now i'm happy that i came to know.Blogging gave me friends,with whom i can share my tears with,sincerely saying i lost all my friends because they all are far away from me and got settled,some by doing marriage,some by jobs,some like me doing nothing!!!

        But how can we trust the people all over the world without even seeing them???
        Which made you to follow them???
         I got friends in my real world who really likes me a lot but i don't know about the friends in here in blogosphere likes me or not???
Are they just want to promote their blogs so,they came to do friendship???
or they just want a stranger friendship???
What this type of friendship mean???

          Blogging gave me my dignity of writing and i really thanks "Pyra Labs",who made me to have a freedom to express my views to all.

Well these answers can be answered by the bloggers itself though im not that popular but i can assure to each and every blogger to feel free to comment on everyone's post and be yourselves.Now let me tell about my wonderful friends in blogging:-

       He is so funny type boy who make everyone as friends and really make their friends to laugh.He is a good optimistic person who writes his blogs realistically!!!!

2)Mugambi:-He is a good guy,good person indeed and really supportive.

3)Sudheera:-She proved to me that there will be a good friends in blogging too!!!!(girl i like ya very much)

4)Didz:-She is really a wonderful human being and a wonderful blogger and a good inspiration!!!!

5)Anuradha:-She is really a good Doctor(she will for sure),she makes everyone happy

6)Suraj:-what should i say he is like my little brother!!!!

7)Next to all my rest of 45 friends i miss you all,i like you all,i hope all these friends be forever with me..Thiruselvam,mahibul,jec sayson,gurpreet,johann,rashmi,bhagya sree etc all of you i think you guys as friends only but what about you guys??????  

All to my gooooooooood friends thanks for supporting me with this blogging and made me forget my worries!!!!!!

I especially thanks to Beanizer,Mugambi,Sudhi,Didz,Anu,Suraj, because these guys made me laugh and i actually forgot my WORRIES!!!!


Please Accept this small Award.....

Hope you guys like it....   


sudhi said...

hey ravie thanx!!!!!!!!! kind of u!!!
here a licked lolli of beany its my gift!!!!!!!

beanizer_05 said...

...and that is the sweetest!--i'm referring to the lollie..hehehe,,juz kidding!
ravie, this means a LOT to me..
though i am but an innocent helpless kid, you touched me..
and let me answer that Q..i'm not keeping friendship for politics..i just enjoy having you people though my sites are all based on my personal views w/ no research.
thanks for the award..
you made me smile

@ sudhi:
no need to share the lollie i gave u to ravie, ive given her you can frame that one..a hearty remembrance.

Suraj Vibhute said...

Hey Ravie, You know, you make smile on my face. Thanks for calling me as your little bro. :D
I know you are talented gal and always will success in your future.
You know why I am spending time on, because the peoples are so good, pure minded and so friendly. I never tried to make traffic from this site, bcos I know this site can't generate traffic for blogs like me, but I am still here because of You, Anu, Sudhi, Bean and all other frnds.
One again, may God bless you and ur family with joy, health and wealth. :)

ravali said...

Thanks to suraj,sudhi,mugambi,anu,didz and ofcourse lollipop beany!!!

Didz-W said...

Hey Sweety! Aww..that's very nice of u, thanks for the award ;) I'm sure will brag it in my blog soon! Hehe. I feel honored! ;) Thanks again girl!

ravali said...

its my pleasure!!!

JollyPrincess said...

Right.. Blogging is fun. You keep a record of your daily activities and meet friends online. You also realized you are not alone who suffers the same set backs in life. Thanks for visiting my blog again.