Sunday, April 18, 2010

My SWEETIE PIE!!!!(Krypto)

Hi frns,

          I'm so overwhelmed to write this small topic just for a cutie in my home which is the adorable one for all of us in my family.The one person which we cannot forget,we cannot stop praising,we cannot resist to touch my small Spitz dog...Krypto!!!!

Let me tell about this small dog who is an mini spitz who has much abilities of a Super dog,that's the reason we kept the name for him after the dog of superman's Krypto!!!

I still remember the day,when this cute puppy entered into our lives,really it changed our ways of living.I was the first person to take him into my hands,really the feeling of catching our own puppy really is something different!!!
It was just 24days old and really so small and it fitted in my two hands!!!
now at present he became that bigger that catching him is very much difficult because he became so naughty!!!
That small puppy had some disease when it came into our home,that idiot shop keeper gave our dog in really a cheap cost but we didn't know that he had some infection,but we treated him such a type that he became a healthy puppy in less than a week!!

I don't know about other people but my dog has got a doctor for himself!!! heheh..really ridiculous but a fact we are not even having a family doctor but he has a doctor of his own!!!
We all love our dog very much and we buy lots of bones,dresses,shoes for him.Now he is going to be 4year old this May and there will be a party in our home.yipeeee!!!!

He has got cute eyes with those he makes others to fallfor him to pat him up!!!
Let me tell you a small incident which made us awe struck that he did that:---
That day as usual me and my krypto went for a walk,then his friend rocky which is a small puppy also came for walking,then my krypto was 1yr old,from where might be a Doberman came rushing out to Rocky,then i saw the real Hero in my dog Krypto.He jumped over infront of rocky and barked such a louder and calmed that Doberman and saved Rocky,really i was dumb folded to see my Krypto in action!!!

Not only this i saw many such incidents but you know guys he is too calm in our home at least before my parents!!!
but really a small dog with big spirit for sure!!!
That's the reason i love my dog much!!!!



Psst..may be some people think iam crazy but guys if you really love your dog pal,then you can knowthis feeling.
lastly,don't ever keep your dog as a slave but see him as your best pal.ok.
bye folks!!!


JollyPrincess said...

Krypto is cute indeed but the owner looks more cute. * ) * Nice dog.

ravali said...

yes it is indeed a good dog for sure!!!

JollyPrincess said...

Hi.. thanks for taking notice of my debutante niece. I would like to post my reply here. She has two names but she would like to be called by her second name Belle. Belle means beautiful so she likes that name. (lol) I posted her photo in my blog but deleted it already. She is the one I mentioned she has perfect smile due to her perfect teeth.

ravali said...

wow tht's gud name belle!!!

beanizer_05 said...

yeah..he's cute..
i can hardly see his 2 front legs in that pic..

too bad i don't have one ..and can't have one :(

ravali said...

@beani:-that's sad,and he is not only cute but very naughty too!!!
hope you get one soon!!!!

HasinthaWK said...

Krypto haha I like that name.
seems to be an adorable doggy :)

ravali said...

@Hasi:yes it is a adorable one but don't forget it's naughty too!!!