Saturday, April 3, 2010

Living in a Dream!!!!

Hi frns,

           As far as i know any person lives for a dream,for a aim which he wants to acheive.I too had a dream of being a successful girl in my life and in my family but i never thought being successful costs much loss in our life.Life has many twists and turns and the person who overtakes all those twists really become success in their life.

          Dreaming about another country is really a big thing for me and to study in that country is really a risk-driven thing.Human birth is like this that they were born for a cause.I strongly believe that every person in this world are living until now means there is a reason behind for his\her life which made them to live until now.

         Life is really a drama of mysterious characters no one knows which character to play with another character in  their life.A dream can vanish in our mind but achievement cannot vanish,but walking in the path of success is not an easy process,life does have lots of worries which make us to stop but the spirit to dream will make the person to move an everlasting dream which takes us to the ultimate success.

        Everyone will dream of anything but some dreams make us that insecure after that dream many could think about it.The dream is about Death,but i wonder why this petty dream daily shows up to me??

        When i get this dream i really got scared but i shared to many of my friends in a thought that may i can get some relief.May be due to this i fear of going to beaches.Am i going to die?? silly thing to think but daily i would regret that dream but whenever water comes in my dream i get scared.Am i having any phobia???

       These all are due to may be of insecurity of my success,let us think i may have small time but i won't give up until or unless i acheive my dream.But i came across the fear due to the dream of achievement in my life so,i won't get scared unless i achieve my dream of success.If you are successful nothing fears you and you will get an inspiration to get more success,if you are not successful then you will have dozen success running behind you which are waiting for you to come over and to catch them.So, people never think of success because it's just behind you just you need to catch it.

That's all my folks,hey again i got an another award for me by BEANIZER,thanks a lot beany.I also thank my friends in blogging mugambi,sudhi,anuradha,suraj,moonomo,thiruselvam,karen,didz,arindam and many to help me out in any thing and are good guidelines for me.

Thanks folks!!!!!     


beanizer_05 said...

i do agree that all dreams must be reached.

You don't feel insecurity with your dreams actually, it is your strength that you doubt. Dreams/ambitions never leaves until you've reached them. You just have to equip yourself with the full trust in yourself for you to wake up and make it real.

SOme say, when you dream yourself drowning or getting yourself in the middle of water, you are meeting problems that may drown have the courage to get out of it before you drown yourself with fear.

How's my lolli? :)

Racquel AKA: Rockadocious said...

Hi Ravali. I like this blog. I dream a lot with water. I have interpreted it as what's going on in my life. For instance, I had a dream last night with the ocean. It was beautiful and blue but kept trying to flood my house (of course my real-life house is not by ocean - lol). I kept shutting doors and telling everyone not to let the water in.

In another dream I had there were thousands of tornado's and it was dark, black and scary. It made raging waters and I was sitting on logs tied together, fighting the waters.

So, basically what I am trying to write is that if it's dark raging waters, you're going through a lot in life. If it's calm, nice and peaceful you should be content.

I am not a dream interpreter and could have it all wrong but that's the only think I could relate that to in my life. I hope that helps!

JollyPrincess said...

Go girl there is nothing to be scared of. Welcome to adulthood. Spread your wings and be out of your cocoon lovely butterfly. Your loved ones and friends will be there as a wind beneath your wings. ^_^

mugambi said...

Everyone have their fears and i think the first and the most bold step towards success is to conquer fear.


sudhi said...

I used to also get nw when i turn back in life its diff from past....its hard to live wit fear bt its nt impossible!!!!!!!!!!

neuroticallyyours-mulan said...

Ravali, this water dream is actually common. People develop
their phobias through their dream.
Weird as it may sound, but it's true. I've always hated snakes..
eversince I was a kid... the idea
of all reptiles make me so scared.
So same thing with you and the water.
One book I read, says to overcome things that occurs in your dream is to keep thinking its all a dream. As soon as you see water,
think of it (all the time) that
you're dreaming.... everything is not real.
I don't know if that makes sense to you.....