Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hi frns,
          "Am talking about the small topic that is unemployment,being unemployed is a sin?
          Are unemployeds treated as some mysterious persons in this world?
          Are they untalented persons?
          Are they illiterates?
          Are they sinful?"

Iam really depressed that why iam facing know the problem of unemployment,are we software engineers not capable of having jobs or the love of computers is a sin for us?
Joining in a MNC is a dream of every software engineering student,the day they step in the college of engineering will just dream of joining in a MNC,but is it a sin for us that this recession will make us away from our dreams of MNC's.
    The day i joined in my engineering just thought one thing that i will surely get a job in big MNC,but fate doesn't understand our problem it just played it's own way and left me in a disastrous life that which makes me to fell in a deep depression and cannot be overtaken???
Why i didn't get a job because am i not well educated?
am i not sincere?
am i not skillful?
am i not talented?
then why did i get more marks in  our team project than anyone in our college,is it because we worked hard for it?
then why we didn't get any job,because i worked hard for it?
because i learned some different language for our new project?
because our project is different?
Went to many interviews in our campus interviews like Satyam,CapsGemini,etc but didn't selected in the first round because am i not skilled?
because of not talented?
because of no hardwork?
why i was blamed,because im an unemployed?
If we planned of something like studying further is it a sin?
Money is the big problem but it wouldn't come before our hardwork but no one believes because i was a failure of not getting job?

  Sincerely saying why people won't think that those people who had no jobs would live depressed but looks like enjoying outside?
Why people won't think that we are also humans,we too have feelings but why we were placed as worthless because of not having a JOB?
                     People from all over world,unemployment is because not only due to the unemployeds talent because the government has no jobs or the companies are not having places or they are not interested in doing job now,it doesn't mean that just abuse those persons with lots of scoldings and beat them roughly,it's just they had no LUCK!!
Show LOVE to them and Support them not by HARASSING them!!!!

                            Be a Human not a Beast before the Unemployeds!!!


beanizer_05 said...

Being unemployed is not a sin. unemployment is one of the major prob here in my country too. After years of struggles in getting a degree, graduates face another challenge, that is, PROVE TO THE WORLD THEY DESERVE TO BE CHOSEN AMONG THE OTHERS.
You see ravie, not all graduates and degree holders are fortunate enough to get the job they wanted. Keep in mind the school molds our individuality, it ONLY prepares us for the life outside it. It all lies within us, if we sulked ourselves thinking that we are victims of unemployment, then surely we will be. But if we do believe in our own skills, we will then find ways to get that job we always dream. It doesn't matter how many interviews we failed, it is learning from them, making the right move and finally getting the right job. Expectations hurt, so don't pressure the world.
I am not against unemployed people. But I am all the time against the mentality of some lazy people who put the blame on others because of their damn fates.

Karl Lopez said...

i had times in my life being unemployed...i had no solid experiences then with life to deal with the problem properly..but time really came that i became ravali, just be optimistic...

shashwat said...

Hi! ravali this is shashwat one of your friend!,why are you thinking in this way that being unemployed is a sin.But truly i feel urged to give you an exhortation sister, though i am not as experienced as you are on this note,But i feel like as you are wasting your talent working under anyone, you seem to be extremely talented and the recent coming future of our country!!.I would say take some experience working in an MNC and then try to change your path from getting employed to providing employment!!..I wish i would one day be working in your very own company after i do have my btech degree...
Love you sister,

Racquel AKA: Rockadocious said...

Hi Ravali. One thing to remember is being unemployed is NOT a sin. I (being raised with my own religion) have taken that word "sin" out of certain areas in my life. Not to say, you should discard your beliefs, but put it more into a realistic perspective. First of all you didn't create your situation, therefore it is not your fault. You are trying.. Live out of the guilt and pick and choose your interpretation of what "sin" really is (just advice - please I hope this doesn't offend you). I think the act of "not wanting to work" can hurt yourself and those around you. What you're saying when you "don't want to work" is, I am willing to live off other people. That is NOT the case in your situation.
Take this scenario about trying... I have my website: Artist's Square. And, like you have pushed and tried to get people to join and participate. It's a free site right. Why would all people want to join?--- Well, I've realized some people want to and some may not. Even my closest friends have not joined---but it's okay. Someone will. So, I keep pushing. That's what you have to look forward to---someone will. Baby steps until you get your ideal job - then make bigger goals. Don't give up and keep trying. It's hard, I know because I feel I am working 2 jobs but it will all pay off. Trust me. With your spirit, you will knock on the right door.