Friday, March 12, 2010

Microsoft Certification Exams and Sun certification Exams

Hi frns,
          I really have no idea about how many people around the world knew about these certifications but am really wanted to say to the people who are really very good in the computers and are not known to the world about their skill.I just want to suggest to these marvelous certification exams which really are internationally accepted and through this certification we will be recognized through out the world.Hey guys am not promoting these exams as i was an promoter to the Microsoft company or Sun microsystems,but i really feel gratified that there are organizations who wanted to certify the persons who are really good at computers and really a die hard fans of computers.

         Coming to these exams,these exams are conducted through out the world and for registering to these exams firstly you need to go through the website of\learning and\learning.First visit these websites and really go through all the benefits we get and all the information we want.I especially recommend my Aspiring Software Engineers through out the world to participate in this exam and really prove themselves that they are not loosers but are best,many of the people know about this certification exams but there are many including me not knowing and really craving to be recognized,am one of those 100 people who doesn't even know about this.Cost doesn't matter because these exams atleast don't cost more than the competative exams like Gre and Toefl!!!

In my life i really earned many certifications but if am certified to a great organization then really my goal is reached.Hey friends these exams are not an easy nut to crack, practice is must and hardwork never pays off!!!
So,friends hope you all receive 100% in these exams and be a successful persons.All the Best!!!!


JollyPrincess said...

Hello, thanks for visiting my blog and for following me. Nice blog you have in here. I will take note of the sites you suggested and will browse on them in my free time. Happy blogging.!:)

mugambi said...

Nice post.this is very good of you to inform people of these certifications.kudos!!!

Suraj Vibhute said...

Seriosly thanks for providing this info. I am from middle class and from a small town so it, so thanks for providing info.

ravali said...

hey that's the reason behind to create a blog!!!

hasi said...

I cleared my SCJP in january! I would say it is jus tthe begining! Good post!