Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Love is like a dead rose!!!(part 1)

Hi friends,it's really a pulchritude word "LOVE",know i want to share my views on this marvellous word love!!!

         "We were given: Two hands to hold. Two legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else.For us to find".
Love is really a pain for each other,an everlasting thoughts of happiness,but in the attempt of getting their loved ones there is only a thorns way!!!
I had seen many lovers who wants to reach each other but they are separated due to many reasons.One of such a story i want to tell for you guys.

This is a true story based on my brother Bhargav.........
He is really a true brother,a true son and moreover a true person,iam glad to have a brother like him moreover i say lucky because he is just a simple person,very calm and a decent guy.He had many qualities in him which made me to write my brother's wonderful love story which drastically ended unknowingly!!!
He is not such a kind of boy who flirt with girls and tease them but a study minded guy and a best competitor
 to their classmates.
Those were the days of his graduation,he was indeed a good student and one of the toppers in the class and so as Sneha,both of them had a great competition in studies but gradually friendship bloomed in them.Anyone of their class didn't ever expected that my brother a study minded person would fall in love with Sneha,i wonder
how Sneha accepted his love at once and she didn't had an another thought but she too said him that she loves him.They fell in deeply love that which even the Love Birds may feel jealous of!!!

Sneha is indeed a friendly girl and she moved freely with each and everyone in a friendly manner,even she talked with boys too.She really became my brother's heart's princess and his life.
My brother drowned himself in such a madness of love with her that he forgot the purpose of him joining in graduation and really that day i got surprised when the marks of his second year of graduation declared,he failed in two subjects!!!
But this was less surprising than the one which is more surprising to me that Sneha stood first in class!!!
My brother who don't even know the word "Failure" failed in life for the first time to let his princess to gain!!!
Actually he was helping Sneha throughout nights for helping her in studies and he even forgot that he has to prepare too!!! Sneha just acted that she was so sad for his failure but i knew that she is very happy innerself.
After classes they used to disappear from the college and my brother used to show up at late nights,my parents
 don't know about his love and they ignored that he is concentrating in his studies.Sneha indeed a friendly girl but i wonder why she used to talk with each and every boy on phone of her class at late nights?????
but,my brother really a stupid guy thought that she is soo friendly that every person want to do friendship with her!!!! really an optimistic thinking indeed!!!!
He didn't even understood the real plot of that nasty girl!!!!

Iam not criticizing or hating girls so that iam writing this post but this is based on a true story how there will be some traitors in love!!!!
Slowly,days passed by the graduation is over and that is the last day for my brother to understand the trait of that traitor!!!
results of the graduation are declared and an astonishing facts were revealed that Sneha stood first in class and my brother got just a first class!!!!
 My poor brother gave party to all his friends that Sneha got First rank!!!! really what a person he is!!!! because his love was true.Sneha enjoyed that party with a full blast and after that party she used to ignore my brother and used to say that "iam busy!!!"
Sincerely saying how a lover can ignore another lover??

my brother unfortunately didn't get any job and was wasted like a CURRY LEAF in a curry and used to roam in the streets asking for a simple job even though he is a well educated person!!!
On the other hand Sneha got a job in a well reputed MNC company because she is an topper ofcourse!!!
One fine morning Sneha was seen by some other guy by my brother,he asked her who was he and she too replied him in a casual manner that he is her colleague!!!
  Days passed by but my brother didn't even succeded to get a job and was blamed of getting low graded marks,by the companies....
Suddenly one phone call changed the entire life of my brother and that incident made my numb!!!
 to be continued.....stay tuned....


mugambi said...

This is pure intrigue, ultimate indulgence.I just can't wait for your next post.Keep it up!!!

ravali said...

hey thanks,but this is a true story!!!

beanizer_05 said...

oh..i didn't expect you will write about your brother's love story..what a genuine love!!..but stupidity occupied more on his love for her.
I don't know if you believe,,but i should say this..they say men are naughty and uncontented w/ a one woman,,but there's a single fact about men..WHEN THEY FALL TRULY IN LOVE, they give their hearts to only one girl..Men are straight when it comes to loving than girls who often got confusions..
The world is round ravie,,your brother did learn his lesson and will surely succeed..
Btw, he is so lucky to have a sister like you..
Looking forward for your next chapter:)

sudhi said...

Hehe every brother have the same story i wish brothers are some more intelligent. My bro also loved on mad gal but he wasn't lucky as your bro . nw my bro married tht mad gal and having 3 monster children . He is been tortured evry day lol!!! i guess love is truly a dead rose....

Anonymous said...

please post the next part soon... i am dying to read the end...Also i wish the ur bro gets out of this trauma fast n rocks the world again...

ravali said...