Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Life is too Dangerous!!!(True Incidents)

Hi frns,
          I live and learn through my experiences,may be i would say incidents just pull over me where iam,jokes apart,this post of mine is about my friend who never gave up her life even though having lots of difficulties in her life,she not only recovered from those and retrieved her ambition and know become a successful girl.
         Her story really inspired me a lot which made me to write this post.This post is truly for her and her true spirit.I usually see many teenagers and adults leave a suicide note and die just for small reasons like graduation fail,love failure etc.I want to convey this story for all those people who attempt suicide just for small reasons and not knowing how valuable life was!!!
         "The value of what you do is best measured not by
          possessions acquired or accolades received,but
          by what you achieved,what you learn,and most
           importantly what you become in the process."
                                                    -David L.Weatherford.
Know coming to her story,she is once used to be a very timid and shy girl but with many dreams in her mind and with many high expectations,just think a girl from a village who wants to be an aeronautical engineer!!!!
 I still remember the first day of our college, while stepping into the college she said to me:"hey ravali,iam going to be an aeronautical engineer!!!",i was astonished that how she could say that before starting her journey she had that much of confidence but she might not know that her fate was already written in the god's diary.She was really my inspiration and her confidence really made me to think about my future.But as old saying whatever we expect to have it wouldn't be achieved without having many troubles.My friend got many friends and ofcourse enemies too in same amount!!!
The enemies of her plotted a beautiful sketch to destroy my friends studies,at the college age we all knew what is a big disaster "love",they appointed a boy to harass her in the name of love,that boy really started harrassing her mentally by following her,commenting her in roads,disgracing her infront of her friends and did whatever he has to do to criticize her.Slowly,other girls of our class stopped talking to my friend,they started rejecting her as they started doubting her character as if she is a low-graded girl!!!

She got herself in a world of thorns where she couldn't have anyone to help her,being a girl from village if her parents come to know about this she will be forcibly banished to go to college as they are not broad minded people she even couldn't tell them.I suggested her to place a complain to police but the police needed parents confirmation which she doesn't have to file a case,so what should she do?
Where in the world should she go to fight against these harassments?
how a single girl can fight a boy who has much influence and with all those enemies?
But then i saw a spark on her face even though she is having lots of troubles,she is a shy girl,timid but i wonder how she hide those precious tears from her eyes just to achieve her goal.Anyone could imagine a shy girl,a very timid one and a slow poke type girl didn't even committed suicide because of these blames and she didn't do that because she knows how precious her life is,she knows difficulties are not for long time,she may be too sensitive but not at heart,would you all imagine that was the day of our results and all enemies of my friend are eagerly  waiting for her result especially to get the good news of failure but their time is bad,my friend stood top in our college in spite of all humiliation,criticisms,harassments,she proved that whatever comes in our way but dude don't forget your goal!!!
       That day was really a day where no one would ever expect from her,even me.The spirit to acheive made her a powerful weapon inner that she didn't loose her hope to acheive her goal,with those hidden tears she actually succeeded and proved that whatever comes in life no one can destroy one's spirit.Friends if suicide is the only option to you then what about this girl,she must have done suicide before itself but she didn't because she knew she will acheive her dream in spite of worries.
Every human being is born for a cause and dies for a cause,if we were here in this world means we were born to acheive something but not to die,just think yourselves once while you think of suicide,think of your parents who raised you in spite of worries,so my dear friends this is just to convey that worries come and go but not our life.
"If you can imagine it,you can achieve it;
if you can dream it,you can become it."
                 -William Arthur Ward.
So,at the end she is know an aeronautical engineer and started her career,imagine if she would have died will she become an aeronautical engineer???  friends life is more precious don't loose it.
                         Life is too Dangerous!!!!!!!

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