Thursday, March 4, 2010

Speed is Death in Roads

Hi frns,
          Being a Indian i really know what is meant by road and how they really look,i don't really criticize my government but in fact our country is really developing,but not the people,there are many illiterates in my country who needs to know about all the rules in the country.I know how our auto-rickshaws swerve,i know how our buses move,i know how the bikers move,i know all the mistakes these people doing but what should i do?
I am not at that level of position to tell them that this is wrong and that,know coming to my point i actually experienced recently what really going speed in road does!!!

I was driving my bike with my friend,we were talking a little bit but i was concentrating on the road,suddenly a car in front of us coming from opposite side signaled me that it is going left,so i thought to slow down but that car didn't went left,i thought it may be waiting for me to cross over so i thought to cross over and suddenly from the back with really a inch gap our government bus went through,i was in the middle of the car and the bus with inch difference!!! we didn't got hurt but just think is it the way a driver should think just to ran over anything that comes in their way even a human???
After the bus crossed me,i continued my driving but really no person did cared about this ,that due to our slight mistake two persons life would have gone!!!

I am not considering this as it already happened to me but it was actually happening day to day life in our lives,people forget that other people are also a people who breathe,who does all the things what they do.Know a days,every one are becoming that busier that they even don't know what really happening due to their slightest mistake.
    In India daily in a minute one person die because of an accident!!!
Auto-rickshaws,car drivers,bus drivers,lorry drivers etc are not educated and what they knew is just to drive the vehicle they are in and they even didn't care about how they are driving.Youngsters mainly teenagers even girls drive their bikes as they are the only people in the road to go in it,i don't say driving speed is wrong but there is a limit for everything,they might loss their valuable life too.
So,i sincerely plead all the fellow human beings that going speed is not bad but driving with care is needed and if because of us a person dies then we cannot hide our face to the world.
Take Care While You Drive!!!!

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