Friday, October 25, 2013

Strange Meeting...!!! (The End)

Hi frnds,
            Sam and Rachel got some misunderstanding but still talking after that incident in Rachel's hometown.

There is a saying whenever in a relation if a third person enters spoils the relation.
In this story the third person came like as a destroyer and  it is Rachel's best friend named Patricia,Rachel told Patricia about her relation with Sam and the
things happened between them. Rachel although didn't disclose anything in-depth but jealous Patricia got the information that Rachel and Sam were serious about each other and thought to
end their relation.
Patricia, made up a wonderful story and even dragged her Whimsical Boy friend John into her big plan.
They made up a story of accusing Sam, that he made lewd comments on Patricia and John tried to assault Sam as it is natural for any boy friend to get anger.
They also confronted to Sam that, it was Rachel who told them about this lewd comments and they appreciate her honesty.
Sam got furious and called Rachel and scolded her so badly even calling her characterless for this, without asking whether there is any wrong of her's or not.
Rachel got hurt ed so badly,even though she thought it was fine to loose her love than loosing her friendship with Patricia and supported Patricia,as Rachel couldn't see the evil tears of Patricia.
Rachel even though hurt ed she waited for Sam to cool down and call her but Sam never called her and he was long gone from then on wards.

All happened so suddenly that Sam and Rachel were parted within minutes of time even though their relationship was from 3 years.

Rachel's Point of View:

Rachel loved Sam truly and she was very honest in her relation.She even told her parents about her interest and even her friends.
Rachel expected Love from Sam and nothing much and even she didn't looked at the condition of financial matters of Sam who was lower than rachel,in spite of being the
most handsome boy in town. Rachel was waiting for the Sam to ask her whether she said all about the Lewd comments but not some scolding from him neither getting comments from him.
Rachel's honest nature was not handled by Sam, which led him to broke the relation is what Rachel thinks now.

Sam's Point of View:

Sam being a Handsome boy and having lot many options of having girl friend's never expected that he would fall for a girl like Rachel.
Rachel became so close to him as her voice is enough to soothe his pain. Sam believed John's and Patricia's words,as they are good friend's of Rachel but he didn't asked Rachel whether those were true.
Sam thinks Marriage is not his part of life and wanted Rachel to be his dearest lifelong, which is worth reasonable for some but not like those like Rachel who is kind of sensible in this kind of things.

Writer's View:

What as a writer i feel in this issue was, Though SAM and Rachel love each other, trust each other, fallen in the trap of evil minded Patricia but still Rachel was trying to explain the thing to Sam, where the part of understanding lags in his part.
For any person who is angry,sometimes they do mistakes which they doesn't mean but whenever Ego comes into a relation it over rules the person.
Sam really loves Rachel but he lost her as he believed in evil Patricia's words doubting on Rachel.
Sam should have told Patricia that i believe in Rachel rather than calling her Characterless.
Even though Sam says her Sorry, still Rachel cannot accept it as there was no Love in Sam's heart as if a person loves a person never doubts on them but rather finds out the thing.
Sam did Time pass with Rachel nothing much than that and masked himself that he Loves her. But the fact is Sam never loved Rachel but played with her emotions and feelings.
Sam betrayed Rachel with this one incident and thinking he could get some other beautiful girl in his life but where in the case of Rachel, survived from Depression with the help of parents and friends and now happily looking forward for a new destination of life.

If really Sam loved Rachel, he wouldn't let her in that condition. Even if we consider a friend in that condition we try to help them but Sam never looked back to Rachel and left her in distress and grief.

Moral: People what we learn from this love story is that even though Fate is bringing Sam and Rachel together. still the same Fate never let them to be together and what we can say is never believe in persons or trust a person who believes everything.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Strange Meeting...!!! (Continued)

Hi friends,
               The continued story of SAM and Rachel...

Sam tried to persuade Rachel by sending her messages and then she thought of giving him a chance for his mistake.
Friendship soon blossomed between them, Rachel who is having lot of hatred towards Sam started liking him as days passed by.
One day, Rachel was so depressed as she has to change the University which she was studying at graduation and her family and friends started firing her with lots of discouragement then came Sam's advice,made Rachel so strong and energetic to follow her mind and heart towards her destination.
This incident made Rachel fall deeply into trusting Sam and she has a very good respect for him from then on wards.
Sam too got used to Rachel in such a way that morning or evening or night can't stop talking to her or messaging her.
They didn't even know that they are falling into love with each other so deeply that Rachel started feeling for Sam and Sam also got to know that , when he went for a visit to his hometown and where there is no chance of calling or messaging Rachel,he came to know the importance of Rachel at that time,
People fall in love never expecting that they would fall in love and love just happens..
Silence and hatred breaks when two hearts fall in love in such a way that they don't see anything beyond or before in them. Love has the power to separate the hearts as well combine them in such a way they are never separated.
His eyes showed the love of hers and her smile showed her love towards him..
When love struck between two people, they can never survive it without each other..
Her voice is his music, his voice is her life, deeper into deeper they have drunken the honey of love towards each other...
They know what is in front of them and Love is said to be blind faith as one who will fall into this never or ever can return..

But Love will be smooth until we are trying to understand each other, but once they understand each other quarrels start as expectations become high and overrule their minds.
This is the major part of any relation that Hopes and expectations over rule but still Love will never die between them. Although both of them fight on phones, sit idle for two-three days they knew that either of them will talk and the things get sorted out but
living in virtual is not reality, in real world you need to provide a status of your relation, Sam always was little thoughtful to confess to his friends that he loves Rachel and feared that they might spoil his relationship with Rachel.

Rachel always lived honestly as she already told her parents that she loves Sam and even Sam also loves her the same way as she does, Both are in Love for sure but the problem is with Sam as he never confessed his love to Rachel among others or even to his parents.
Rachel's friends used to suggest her that Sam is just doing Time pass relation with you and nothing more than that but Rachel never believed in them but trusted her Love towards Sam. Sam is very independent guy and may be Sam was in a illusion that Rachel might be doing time pass with him as they never met each other but they are emotionally connected.
Yes,people Rachel and Sam were talking all these years through phones and messaging but never met each other in-person until 3 years of their relation.

In today's world,does anyone believe in these kind of Online relationships and do you think they are successful, sometimes they will and sometimes they won't.

It was Summer, finally Rachel got a chance to visit her hometown and Sam too, she was returning from abroad and she was so excited to meet Sam and even Sam was in such a mood that he planned whole days that he want to spend with Rachel.
Expectations were hyped between both of them and Rachel was so excited that Sam told her that he will receive her at the airport and Rachel with many hopes,expectations got down the plane and walked towards the Exit and seen her family and friends but no sign of Sam....
Where are the words of promise from Sam that he has given to Rachel that he would come to airport? Still Rachel didn't giveup her faith and trust in Sam and waited for him to call her.
Sam called her and explained his busy schedule because of which he couldn't make it possible to the airport. Rachel trusted him.
The next day, Sam called Rachel that he was in her hometown and was waiting at the Beach of Rachel's hometown. Rachel heart filled with joy and happiness that at last she got a chance to meet him after many years, she drove to the beach and there comes her dreams of love in-front of her, giving his hand to shake as it was very mystical for them and
they sat and talked a lot but Sam again got a time constraint as his eyes shows that love of his to Rachel but he abruptly went away telling her he has somethings to take care of at his home.
Rachel still gave him a chance as he might be busy and it's unusual but still it can happen..
That was the last or the first day she ever met Sam in-person and Sam never showed up but still he keeps on calling Rachel and texts her.
Rachel was confused of this kind of behavior of Sam and even though she loves him,she wanted to break the relation as there is no importance to her and went to abroad again leaving this mystery part of life at one-side in a illusion to make a decision.

What can we say about this incidents happened between Sam and Rachel, are they in Love or is it a Friendship??
If it's a friendship then,why they can't live without each other or without talking to each other??
Is it a mistake of Rachel loving Sam and do you think Sam is a fickle minded person?

To be continued.....

Moral: Love is something happens and its a magic but don't fool someone even though you love but if you can't give commitment to them then please don't love them and don't give false expectations to the others.

Monday, October 7, 2013

A Strange Meeting!!!

It was the First day of High School and a Girl named Rachel, who is 15 yrs old rushed towards the Entrance as she was late to school. The first face she saw was a young Boy named Sam, who is 16 yrs old and very handsome and looks like he was surrounded by many girls who are attracted to this handsome boy. As Rachel was a very hardworking girl at studies and really ambitious in her studies, she didn't cared this matter and walked to her class. She found out that Sam was also in her class and some of her previous school friends were present in her new class. She was very calm and quiet girl, never interacted with any of the class girls and used to be very busy in her studies. All the Class girls got the attention of Sam and befriended him soon. As the other girls hated Rachel as she was always busy at her studies and not talking to them, they planned a plot to tease her and make fun of her. They told Sam that Rachel loves you so madly and is boasting everywhere that he was her boyfriend.

Sam got angry on this, as he was already in Love with a girl from another class named Rose. Sam started to tease Rachel in all ways. He used to follow her everywhere. He used to comment her now and then and he used to even disturb her not making her concentrate on the ongoing class too. As, Rachel was a very Sensitive girl, she cried a lot without telling to her parents what problem exactly she was facing at school. These teasing have become worsen as one day Rose came to Rachel and warned her not to come near by Sam. Rachel used to hate Sam in such a way that she never wanted to see his face and even wanted to change the school. Finally, the school was finished and everyone headed in different ways for joining in graduate colleges. Rachel got good score in her school even though she has faced troubles from Sam and at the Final day of school Sam came to Rachel and said sorry to her, then Rachel said that she was not interested in him and please don’t disturb her anymore. Sam left the place with a pause of mind of Rachel’s words without saying a word.
Rachel joined into a good graduate college and the years passed by and she completed her graduation and she applied for abroad studies and she got a chance in a very good college in abroad and she went to pursue her career into another step. At school Rachel was so introvert and very quiet girl but at the graduation some of her wonderful friends made her into a very talkative person and she is different now. She is a very good communicative person and sociable. But still she remembers the worst days at school she has because of Sam and she regret about that misconception of people. She was still in contact with some of her Schoolmates at High school and one of them was a good friend of Sam too. Rachel friend told Sam that Rachel was so in Hatred on him as he was responsible for teasing at High school. Sam felt sorry about that and wanted to ask for an apology to Rachel about his behavior towards her and sent her friend request to her social networks. Now the new Era of the story starts between these two Strangers, one who hates and one who feels sorry for his behavior. Now they are in their 20’s at age and a new story began…

In this Story, Two Strangers met at school and didn't have good impression about each other and went on their ways but God made them to reach one another once again for a purpose and a new story started with these two strangers…..!!

**This story is not intended on any persons who are alive or dead and doesn't predict a real life story of someone; this is just a story of the writer’s work. **


Moral: Don’t listen to whatever blabber the other people talk or advise us as we need to be in a position to judge the issue rather than misinterpreting the situation which lead to hatred and enemy ship.