Monday, October 7, 2013

A Strange Meeting!!!

It was the First day of High School and a Girl named Rachel, who is 15 yrs old rushed towards the Entrance as she was late to school. The first face she saw was a young Boy named Sam, who is 16 yrs old and very handsome and looks like he was surrounded by many girls who are attracted to this handsome boy. As Rachel was a very hardworking girl at studies and really ambitious in her studies, she didn't cared this matter and walked to her class. She found out that Sam was also in her class and some of her previous school friends were present in her new class. She was very calm and quiet girl, never interacted with any of the class girls and used to be very busy in her studies. All the Class girls got the attention of Sam and befriended him soon. As the other girls hated Rachel as she was always busy at her studies and not talking to them, they planned a plot to tease her and make fun of her. They told Sam that Rachel loves you so madly and is boasting everywhere that he was her boyfriend.

Sam got angry on this, as he was already in Love with a girl from another class named Rose. Sam started to tease Rachel in all ways. He used to follow her everywhere. He used to comment her now and then and he used to even disturb her not making her concentrate on the ongoing class too. As, Rachel was a very Sensitive girl, she cried a lot without telling to her parents what problem exactly she was facing at school. These teasing have become worsen as one day Rose came to Rachel and warned her not to come near by Sam. Rachel used to hate Sam in such a way that she never wanted to see his face and even wanted to change the school. Finally, the school was finished and everyone headed in different ways for joining in graduate colleges. Rachel got good score in her school even though she has faced troubles from Sam and at the Final day of school Sam came to Rachel and said sorry to her, then Rachel said that she was not interested in him and please don’t disturb her anymore. Sam left the place with a pause of mind of Rachel’s words without saying a word.
Rachel joined into a good graduate college and the years passed by and she completed her graduation and she applied for abroad studies and she got a chance in a very good college in abroad and she went to pursue her career into another step. At school Rachel was so introvert and very quiet girl but at the graduation some of her wonderful friends made her into a very talkative person and she is different now. She is a very good communicative person and sociable. But still she remembers the worst days at school she has because of Sam and she regret about that misconception of people. She was still in contact with some of her Schoolmates at High school and one of them was a good friend of Sam too. Rachel friend told Sam that Rachel was so in Hatred on him as he was responsible for teasing at High school. Sam felt sorry about that and wanted to ask for an apology to Rachel about his behavior towards her and sent her friend request to her social networks. Now the new Era of the story starts between these two Strangers, one who hates and one who feels sorry for his behavior. Now they are in their 20’s at age and a new story began…

In this Story, Two Strangers met at school and didn't have good impression about each other and went on their ways but God made them to reach one another once again for a purpose and a new story started with these two strangers…..!!

**This story is not intended on any persons who are alive or dead and doesn't predict a real life story of someone; this is just a story of the writer’s work. **


Moral: Don’t listen to whatever blabber the other people talk or advise us as we need to be in a position to judge the issue rather than misinterpreting the situation which lead to hatred and enemy ship.


shankar said...

nice. very interesting. seems like a film story.

Ravali SAP said...

@Shankar: Thanks but it is not a film but a story!! do read the next part too!!

Jolly Princess said...

Looks like you are interesting in writing novels Ravs.. Nice one! :)

Ravali SAP said...

@jolly: Yes dear,am very much interested to write about Love and only Love as it is something magical happens to a person..