Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Shores of Pain...~~~

Left alone stranded in the shores of love,
Tears flow but no hands come across to wipe them away,
Heartbroken but still awaits to be attached by love,
Pains the life but no one to share it,
Roses left faded away as blossoms gone,
Left alone in a silence of no answer….

Some people come into our lives, which can bring the happiness, love and honesty but after they achieve all this trust within us they walk away from us, leaving lonely in this vast world of short lives of a human being.
The blue sky remembers the signals from the calls it receives from the loved ones throughout the world but many people are going across this pain as their loved ones leaving them stranded. The main reasons of many suicide attempts in these days are because of lost love, Love has the power to gain a person or loose a person. People still fall in love knowing the consequences of their short life.
God created this love and said to Human beings that “once you fell in love, you cannot come back to normal life”.
The weakest but most wanted Love of the human beings is of a Husband and wife, or lovers. The nature made itself so beautiful which makes the Human beings to feel attracted to someone with whom they eventually fell in love with. I don’t see anyone who doesn't love the nature we live in. It is a deep distraction of human beings to fall in love to the person whom they get attracted to.

Love has happiness in it as well as pain in it. Love your parents, love your siblings, love your job, and respect your relation you go with and don’t leave them stranded so easily as falling in love is not an easy mistake people do.

(And This is my 100th post and thanks for all the people who ever come across to this blog and whoever  like my blog...Thanks for your wonderful support!!)

~~~~Your's Ravie!!!


Rowena Guitierrez said...

Saw you on bloggers on beanie's timeline remember me wena - cuz of lancey? you are a friend of sie. Visit me and know why she left her!

Ravali SAP said...

@rowena: Well am sorry to hear that,well i will definitely visit your blog!!

Suraj Vibhute said...

That's true sis, life goes on if anyone breaks your heart, just think that person don't deserve you. A person who never stand with you for small things, he can't keep you happy whole life.

Ravali SAP said...

Yes suraj,that's how we need to move on in life that;s all we can do!!