Friday, April 5, 2013

Away from the WORLD!!!

Hi friends,
               What does your World mean to you??  May be am practical to say this because what My WORLD is My family and my friends to me.It doesn't mean i don't care about the others in life but for every human being their world is nothing but their family.

People sometimes have to leave something which is very valuable to achieve something which makes not only the person happy but his or her whole family.Sometimes the decisions are so hard but time has its own part of play which makes the person to take a very hard decision to leave their world and enter a new world.
A new world welcomed me with lots of love and career in its way but after all i have seen was so dull in my life as i got to know one thing that am missing was my WORLD.

I have job,education and everything but i don't have my World which completes the people who are behind my success.My parents who believed in me.Time passed away but my world is just the same and is as usual the way it is but without the people i wanted to be with.

I have seen many people who live a lonely life even though they have family at their old age,i know some people send their parents to the old age homes and will never come back to see them but our parents never or ever can do the same if you are sick or sad. Parents love is eternal to their child and we children couldn't understand the pure love of our parents. Being old means you are more experienced but not in attitude.
I know whatever am doing at present is the good thing for my family who are my world and there are many evil forces who will restrict my success but god is always with those who wants to do good.

My request to those people who think success lies in achieving their career is that Career can be achieved anytime but not your parents. Don't miss their little happiness by leaving them far away from you.Old age homes are for people who doesn't have their world and are lonely but not for those who have their world.


Jolly Princess said...

We have the same world actually Ravs. No regrets, despite not having a family of my own. I am happy and fulfilled with what I did for my parents and siblings. No, they did not take me away or encouraged me to stay this way. I guess it is more of a fate. We cannot chose what we want to have in life. But living a life in misery is optional. I chose to be happy to enjoy life. :)

Ravali SAP said...

@jolly: well yes true,am also getting used to this too but need to meet my family too.