Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hi frns,

           Today i'm back with a topic called "A GIFTED CHILD",people this topic is not about those children who stood first in any competitions,events etc.I'm talking about those children who were born physically challenged,physically handicapped,etc.

People think that these children are worthless,they are not having right to live,they are just pain for them,etc.But how can a mother think like that????
She who kept the baby until 9 months and took lot pain to give birth,but within a moment how can she kill that baby???
Father of that child who may have many expectations but fate doesn't play our side and when that child was born he too tries to kill??????
Whether is it the fault of god??
Is it is the fault of Doctor???
Is it is the fault of people around them???

No one knows the reason then why they kill their precious babies??
Some kill them,some  leave them,some throw them away!!!
Is this is called Humanity??
Every person has the right to live,right to respire,right for everything as we normal one's have!!!

Daily over here and all over the world some news are like those that which seeing them i get into my nerves which make me to get angered by the society,i want to tell you about a recent 4 day's ago incident it follows like this:"She is the prettiest baby i had ever saw,eyes are like lotus,the baby smiles like a princess but this little princess has no idea about what did her parents did to her,when i saw that i really got anger and frustrated because i couldn't do anything,i'm useless,did got a degree but couldn't do anything for my country!!!

The parents of the little princess left her in the burial ground and asked the watchman over there to bury her alive!!!!
Luckily the watchman didn't want the child to be dead and he reported to the police about this issue,then i recognized i'm wrong humanity does exists with us,actually the baby got her legs twisted so she can't walk but i wonder how can her mother gave a 4 day old baby to bury alive????
How can a Mother???"

Does due to poverty they gonna kill her?
Then why they want a child??

People, there may be many reasons to hate a person but there will be no reason to like a person,these babies don't even know how to speak,how to express their feelings,they even don't know to play any tantrums then why they had no right to live???

Lastly,my request to all future parents that please don't think these kids are ineligible but think they are gifted ones which are born just for YOU and what they need is just their parents love nothing much than that!!!
People never under estimate any kid,kids are equal to god,they can do miracles if we motivate them,be the motivators not the killers!!!!!

                "A GIFTED CHILD"

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Love if ignored death????

Hi frns,

          Today iam really writing this post to those souls which are departed from us,those souls which did a mistake to LOVE,those souls which made a mistake to let their lovers stroll around them,to those souls who dared to kill their lover,to those souls who died without knowing!!!!

I got an exam today so as usual i didn't woke up late but earlier and a big mistake which i did was reading the news paper,may be i shouldn't read the news paper,may be i should prepare for my exam but what must happen will happen,i read an article in it that:"A LOVER KILLED HIS LOVER!!!!!"

Well,i wonder how could a LOVER,a person who loves that girl that much but he killed her???
How can we kill the person we love most???
Love is a beautiful feeling that which makes two heart beat for each other then how can he kill her???
I read the full article that actually that guy loved her but she didn't!!!
He killed her because she mustn't marry another guy!!!
How i ask to myself,how can any person do this???

There are many incidents that LOVERS commit suicide!!!
They think that they are the only persons who had troubles in love but they even didn't thought for a moment about their parents.
I saw some that due to parents disagreement they ran away from their home and marry each other,why can't they have those guts that they can face their parents and make them agree before????

Seeing all these incidents i decided that :"I will win even though i may loss,i will win my LOVE even though troubles come,i will choose such a person who craves for me but not love me crazily that he might kill me anytime!!!!"

May i can get this type of love but this love is nothing before my parents love,they were born when i was born,they laughed when i laughed,they cried when i cried,they danced when i danced..
Why should i kill myself for just failing in love???
Why should anyone kill others for just a failure in love???

Lastly,guys and gals,killing one self in a lost of this sweet battle of LOVE doesn't give you anything but pain to your parents!!!
Imagine without you guys how can your parents can live???
They live for you,they laugh for you inspite of having troubles!!!
I still remember those tears of my parents when i get struck by a small needle but you guys think of killing your selves????

People love like you want but don't let your lives to be loosen in this battle!!!
We all knew that to be born we all made a race in our pretty mom with many other genes to be  born in this new world then why you give up now for just of not winning in a LOVE BATTLE???

Love is just a part not life so,people take it as a part but not life,think about your parents and your aim to live when you thought about SUICIDE or KILLING??? 


Sunday, April 18, 2010

My SWEETIE PIE!!!!(Krypto)

Hi frns,

          I'm so overwhelmed to write this small topic just for a cutie in my home which is the adorable one for all of us in my family.The one person which we cannot forget,we cannot stop praising,we cannot resist to touch my small Spitz dog...Krypto!!!!

Let me tell about this small dog who is an mini spitz who has much abilities of a Super dog,that's the reason we kept the name for him after the dog of superman's Krypto!!!

I still remember the day,when this cute puppy entered into our lives,really it changed our ways of living.I was the first person to take him into my hands,really the feeling of catching our own puppy really is something different!!!
It was just 24days old and really so small and it fitted in my two hands!!!
now at present he became that bigger that catching him is very much difficult because he became so naughty!!!
That small puppy had some disease when it came into our home,that idiot shop keeper gave our dog in really a cheap cost but we didn't know that he had some infection,but we treated him such a type that he became a healthy puppy in less than a week!!

I don't know about other people but my dog has got a doctor for himself!!! heheh..really ridiculous but a fact we are not even having a family doctor but he has a doctor of his own!!!
We all love our dog very much and we buy lots of bones,dresses,shoes for him.Now he is going to be 4year old this May and there will be a party in our home.yipeeee!!!!

He has got cute eyes with those he makes others to fallfor him to pat him up!!!
Let me tell you a small incident which made us awe struck that he did that:---
That day as usual me and my krypto went for a walk,then his friend rocky which is a small puppy also came for walking,then my krypto was 1yr old,from where might be a Doberman came rushing out to Rocky,then i saw the real Hero in my dog Krypto.He jumped over infront of rocky and barked such a louder and calmed that Doberman and saved Rocky,really i was dumb folded to see my Krypto in action!!!

Not only this i saw many such incidents but you know guys he is too calm in our home at least before my parents!!!
but really a small dog with big spirit for sure!!!
That's the reason i love my dog much!!!!



Psst..may be some people think iam crazy but guys if you really love your dog pal,then you can knowthis feeling.
lastly,don't ever keep your dog as a slave but see him as your best pal.ok.
bye folks!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Walking in a Desert!!!!

Hi frns,
          May be life is just like walking in a lonely desert where it seems to be happier but when we turn back we just have only sadness.There is no particular process where we are going and what we are doing but we only know that we are in a big Desert of Questions which every Human Being goes on for searching.

I started my journey with a little information about the future but with many expectations.The journey is really a tough one to travel with,searched for oasis in a desert but just got only cactus plants,searched for buddies but got sand snakes,searched for family but nothing just a camel which will be with me all the way to cross the desert.I traveled, traveled but didn't find a place to stay but just a pure sand which laughs at me on my troubles.

  But i continued my journey with a expectation to find a good place where i could live with,suddenly a windstorm came and took my camel away from me leaving me lonely.I didn't gave up but still started my journey where i left from but only got hurt by the thorns in the sand,bitten by snakes,fought with life,but my journey hasn't ended......

The journey has a big  reason to go on with,it's the reason to live for,it's the reason to find my place in this lonely desert,to find my mate with which i can live with,to find my camel which is left behind,to find my precious snakes which bite me but are my pets with which i couldn't live with,the journey was tough but it's not harder than it used to be before because i took it simpler to find my destiny but it's an unsure process but not hard,i'm confused but not really scared about being lonely in a desert but i suffered with the cold nights i spent in the hot desert which made me to cry, but not to give up is the only expectation i had!!

The journey is still going on but may be my journey is just a journey,may be i couldn't win,may be i couldn't live,may be i couldn't get back to my life but the hope of mine is still in my mind which makes me to travel in this NEVER ENDING DESERT!!!

So,people life is a desert and without travelling to your destiny don't come back!!!!    

Monday, April 12, 2010

Suicide!!!!!(eye opening)

Hi frns,

          Suicide is such a idiotic thinking that many used to keep it alive!!!! 
Even including me i thought to do SUICIDE just for not having a JOB!!!
Then next i got another thought that what will happen to my parents,who loves me much and probably cannot live without me...

Guys,because of my heart i stopped such a type of thought and moved on know iam not happy with my life but iam really happy for my parents because my small decision will make them cry forever so,i made a right decision to live even though i get many i mean millions of problems!!!

Let me tell you of one story of a BOY who used to have everything but nothing now,it's about a IRAQ BOY whose article when i read got my tears fallen through my eyes,sincerely saying i never cried for others any time but this small boy made me cry and really one of my inspiration to fight with the problems.

 That was the time when america was on war with Iraq,we all know what happened there "Bomb blasts" .This particular boy used to be a 6yr old boy (i didn't remember his name) who is the son of a well known rich person over there and he has 5 sisters too.May be god loves his family more so one day due to these Bomb blasts he lost all members of his family,but until this part i didn't get any sorrow because it's a war so many will    get killed what's the big deal,really i hated wars but fate never act like what we want....

That boy got fully injured and was admitted in a near by hospital,he was unconscious and when he got his consciousness he tried to move his hands but where are they???
Again he tried to move his legs but where are they???
He slowly moved his neck to look around and then he saw his amputed legs and hands,they were not there!!!!
He is shocked!!!
what will he do,without legs and hands????
how can he survive????
he has no family and even though without legs and hand how can he survive???
THAT BOY CRIED A LOT,he thought to kill himself but he didn't do that because he want to study well and become a good educated person,he is indeed a rich boy so what to fear for!!!
Know at present that 6yr old warrior studies in a school and is the topper in his class!!!
Imagine guys one 6yr old boy can think like this why not we adults think like him????

I saw petty suicides like one girl did suicide just because her dad scolded her!!!
one boy did suicide because he didn't scored well in engineering!!!!
Are these are any reasons to die????
That story came into my mind when i thought to give up my life,but sincerely guys i didn't attempt suicide but i thought...

People suicide is such a idiotic and stupid decision which proves us to be a LOOSERS,so people don't ever think about giving up your wonderful lives which are very precious!!!

SMILE FOREVER EVEN IF IT IS HARDER,is my slogan from then onwards!!!!!

so,people i want you guys think like this only even u get many problems!!!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why Blogging????

Hi frns,
          Have you guys ever wonder why you started blogging??
          What made you to start a blog???
           Why you want to share to all about what you think???
            There is any reason behind???

In my case i started to write a blog because mainly of two reasons:-
               1)I was in a depression having no job and even not doing anything because of waiting.
                2)To hide my tears to  make  others laugh.
I was such a type of girl who doesn't even know that there will be a Master degree until my Btech first year!!!!
I wonder how and why i was like this so different than everyone??
Why i don't know???
Because i was born and brought up in a village???
or due to that i'm a slow learner??
But as far as i know i'm a good student in my college very much active but why i couldn't even know these things which relate to studies.

        Everyone cannot know everything but must know it,i did came to know and now i'm happy that i came to know.Blogging gave me friends,with whom i can share my tears with,sincerely saying i lost all my friends because they all are far away from me and got settled,some by doing marriage,some by jobs,some like me doing nothing!!!

        But how can we trust the people all over the world without even seeing them???
        Which made you to follow them???
         I got friends in my real world who really likes me a lot but i don't know about the friends in here in blogosphere likes me or not???
Are they just want to promote their blogs so,they came to do friendship???
or they just want a stranger friendship???
What this type of friendship mean???

          Blogging gave me my dignity of writing and i really thanks "Pyra Labs",who made me to have a freedom to express my views to all.

Well these answers can be answered by the bloggers itself though im not that popular but i can assure to each and every blogger to feel free to comment on everyone's post and be yourselves.Now let me tell about my wonderful friends in blogging:-

       He is so funny type boy who make everyone as friends and really make their friends to laugh.He is a good optimistic person who writes his blogs realistically!!!!

2)Mugambi:-He is a good guy,good person indeed and really supportive.

3)Sudheera:-She proved to me that there will be a good friends in blogging too!!!!(girl i like ya very much)

4)Didz:-She is really a wonderful human being and a wonderful blogger and a good inspiration!!!!

5)Anuradha:-She is really a good Doctor(she will for sure),she makes everyone happy

6)Suraj:-what should i say he is like my little brother!!!!

7)Next to all my rest of 45 friends i miss you all,i like you all,i hope all these friends be forever with me..Thiruselvam,mahibul,jec sayson,gurpreet,johann,rashmi,bhagya sree etc all of you i think you guys as friends only but what about you guys??????  

All to my gooooooooood friends thanks for supporting me with this blogging and made me forget my worries!!!!!!

I especially thanks to Beanizer,Mugambi,Sudhi,Didz,Anu,Suraj, because these guys made me laugh and i actually forgot my WORRIES!!!!


Please Accept this small Award.....

Hope you guys like it....   

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Living in a Dream!!!!

Hi frns,

           As far as i know any person lives for a dream,for a aim which he wants to acheive.I too had a dream of being a successful girl in my life and in my family but i never thought being successful costs much loss in our life.Life has many twists and turns and the person who overtakes all those twists really become success in their life.

          Dreaming about another country is really a big thing for me and to study in that country is really a risk-driven thing.Human birth is like this that they were born for a cause.I strongly believe that every person in this world are living until now means there is a reason behind for his\her life which made them to live until now.

         Life is really a drama of mysterious characters no one knows which character to play with another character in  their life.A dream can vanish in our mind but achievement cannot vanish,but walking in the path of success is not an easy process,life does have lots of worries which make us to stop but the spirit to dream will make the person to move an everlasting dream which takes us to the ultimate success.

        Everyone will dream of anything but some dreams make us that insecure after that dream many could think about it.The dream is about Death,but i wonder why this petty dream daily shows up to me??

        When i get this dream i really got scared but i shared to many of my friends in a thought that may i can get some relief.May be due to this i fear of going to beaches.Am i going to die?? silly thing to think but daily i would regret that dream but whenever water comes in my dream i get scared.Am i having any phobia???

       These all are due to may be of insecurity of my success,let us think i may have small time but i won't give up until or unless i acheive my dream.But i came across the fear due to the dream of achievement in my life so,i won't get scared unless i achieve my dream of success.If you are successful nothing fears you and you will get an inspiration to get more success,if you are not successful then you will have dozen success running behind you which are waiting for you to come over and to catch them.So, people never think of success because it's just behind you just you need to catch it.

That's all my folks,hey again i got an another award for me by BEANIZER,thanks a lot beany.I also thank my friends in blogging mugambi,sudhi,anuradha,suraj,moonomo,thiruselvam,karen,didz,arindam and many to help me out in any thing and are good guidelines for me.

Thanks folks!!!!!