Monday, April 12, 2010

Suicide!!!!!(eye opening)

Hi frns,

          Suicide is such a idiotic thinking that many used to keep it alive!!!! 
Even including me i thought to do SUICIDE just for not having a JOB!!!
Then next i got another thought that what will happen to my parents,who loves me much and probably cannot live without me...

Guys,because of my heart i stopped such a type of thought and moved on know iam not happy with my life but iam really happy for my parents because my small decision will make them cry forever so,i made a right decision to live even though i get many i mean millions of problems!!!

Let me tell you of one story of a BOY who used to have everything but nothing now,it's about a IRAQ BOY whose article when i read got my tears fallen through my eyes,sincerely saying i never cried for others any time but this small boy made me cry and really one of my inspiration to fight with the problems.

 That was the time when america was on war with Iraq,we all know what happened there "Bomb blasts" .This particular boy used to be a 6yr old boy (i didn't remember his name) who is the son of a well known rich person over there and he has 5 sisters too.May be god loves his family more so one day due to these Bomb blasts he lost all members of his family,but until this part i didn't get any sorrow because it's a war so many will    get killed what's the big deal,really i hated wars but fate never act like what we want....

That boy got fully injured and was admitted in a near by hospital,he was unconscious and when he got his consciousness he tried to move his hands but where are they???
Again he tried to move his legs but where are they???
He slowly moved his neck to look around and then he saw his amputed legs and hands,they were not there!!!!
He is shocked!!!
what will he do,without legs and hands????
how can he survive????
he has no family and even though without legs and hand how can he survive???
THAT BOY CRIED A LOT,he thought to kill himself but he didn't do that because he want to study well and become a good educated person,he is indeed a rich boy so what to fear for!!!
Know at present that 6yr old warrior studies in a school and is the topper in his class!!!
Imagine guys one 6yr old boy can think like this why not we adults think like him????

I saw petty suicides like one girl did suicide just because her dad scolded her!!!
one boy did suicide because he didn't scored well in engineering!!!!
Are these are any reasons to die????
That story came into my mind when i thought to give up my life,but sincerely guys i didn't attempt suicide but i thought...

People suicide is such a idiotic and stupid decision which proves us to be a LOOSERS,so people don't ever think about giving up your wonderful lives which are very precious!!!

SMILE FOREVER EVEN IF IT IS HARDER,is my slogan from then onwards!!!!!

so,people i want you guys think like this only even u get many problems!!!



mugambi said...

this is a really inspiring story!!!

sudhi said...

yep suicide z bad decision...... wen i was in skul 1 of my seniors did it..still remember it......