Thursday, April 22, 2010

Love if ignored death????

Hi frns,

          Today iam really writing this post to those souls which are departed from us,those souls which did a mistake to LOVE,those souls which made a mistake to let their lovers stroll around them,to those souls who dared to kill their lover,to those souls who died without knowing!!!!

I got an exam today so as usual i didn't woke up late but earlier and a big mistake which i did was reading the news paper,may be i shouldn't read the news paper,may be i should prepare for my exam but what must happen will happen,i read an article in it that:"A LOVER KILLED HIS LOVER!!!!!"

Well,i wonder how could a LOVER,a person who loves that girl that much but he killed her???
How can we kill the person we love most???
Love is a beautiful feeling that which makes two heart beat for each other then how can he kill her???
I read the full article that actually that guy loved her but she didn't!!!
He killed her because she mustn't marry another guy!!!
How i ask to myself,how can any person do this???

There are many incidents that LOVERS commit suicide!!!
They think that they are the only persons who had troubles in love but they even didn't thought for a moment about their parents.
I saw some that due to parents disagreement they ran away from their home and marry each other,why can't they have those guts that they can face their parents and make them agree before????

Seeing all these incidents i decided that :"I will win even though i may loss,i will win my LOVE even though troubles come,i will choose such a person who craves for me but not love me crazily that he might kill me anytime!!!!"

May i can get this type of love but this love is nothing before my parents love,they were born when i was born,they laughed when i laughed,they cried when i cried,they danced when i danced..
Why should i kill myself for just failing in love???
Why should anyone kill others for just a failure in love???

Lastly,guys and gals,killing one self in a lost of this sweet battle of LOVE doesn't give you anything but pain to your parents!!!
Imagine without you guys how can your parents can live???
They live for you,they laugh for you inspite of having troubles!!!
I still remember those tears of my parents when i get struck by a small needle but you guys think of killing your selves????

People love like you want but don't let your lives to be loosen in this battle!!!
We all knew that to be born we all made a race in our pretty mom with many other genes to be  born in this new world then why you give up now for just of not winning in a LOVE BATTLE???

Love is just a part not life so,people take it as a part but not life,think about your parents and your aim to live when you thought about SUICIDE or KILLING??? 



Outlook said...

Ravali-A lovely theme for alltime!I do appreciate your perspective really. Your insight has transparanted the ideas & thoughts f 'Love'.Very nice !

ravali said...

@outlook:--hey thanks!!!

beanizer_05 said...

nice topic discussed.
But I wish you say "Falling in love" is just part of our lives. 'Coz love is NOT JUST A PART..rather will ALWAYS BE A PART of our lives, thus, supports your idea of "LOVE IS EVERLASTING."

Love is a general word. As you pointed out the different kinds of love, like that of our parents which is the genuine love.

Those people who ended and threatened their own lives and harm others' lives doesn't know how to love.

'COz a man can never love anyone if he can't love his own self.

ravali said...

@beani: yep love is everlasting but i had a little trust in the word LOVE because at present i didn't see any!!!

Jill Wellington said...

This is beautiful, Ravali. I really enjoy your blog and Krypto is SO CUTE!!!!

ravali said...

@jill:thanks for your comment,yep krypto is cute and naughty too!!!