Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Walking in a Desert!!!!

Hi frns,
          May be life is just like walking in a lonely desert where it seems to be happier but when we turn back we just have only sadness.There is no particular process where we are going and what we are doing but we only know that we are in a big Desert of Questions which every Human Being goes on for searching.

I started my journey with a little information about the future but with many expectations.The journey is really a tough one to travel with,searched for oasis in a desert but just got only cactus plants,searched for buddies but got sand snakes,searched for family but nothing just a camel which will be with me all the way to cross the desert.I traveled, traveled but didn't find a place to stay but just a pure sand which laughs at me on my troubles.

  But i continued my journey with a expectation to find a good place where i could live with,suddenly a windstorm came and took my camel away from me leaving me lonely.I didn't gave up but still started my journey where i left from but only got hurt by the thorns in the sand,bitten by snakes,fought with life,but my journey hasn't ended......

The journey has a big  reason to go on with,it's the reason to live for,it's the reason to find my place in this lonely desert,to find my mate with which i can live with,to find my camel which is left behind,to find my precious snakes which bite me but are my pets with which i couldn't live with,the journey was tough but it's not harder than it used to be before because i took it simpler to find my destiny but it's an unsure process but not hard,i'm confused but not really scared about being lonely in a desert but i suffered with the cold nights i spent in the hot desert which made me to cry, but not to give up is the only expectation i had!!

The journey is still going on but may be my journey is just a journey,may be i couldn't win,may be i couldn't live,may be i couldn't get back to my life but the hope of mine is still in my mind which makes me to travel in this NEVER ENDING DESERT!!!

So,people life is a desert and without travelling to your destiny don't come back!!!!    

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