Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hi frns,
          "Am talking about the small topic that is unemployment,being unemployed is a sin?
          Are unemployeds treated as some mysterious persons in this world?
          Are they untalented persons?
          Are they illiterates?
          Are they sinful?"

Iam really depressed that why iam facing know the problem of unemployment,are we software engineers not capable of having jobs or the love of computers is a sin for us?
Joining in a MNC is a dream of every software engineering student,the day they step in the college of engineering will just dream of joining in a MNC,but is it a sin for us that this recession will make us away from our dreams of MNC's.
    The day i joined in my engineering just thought one thing that i will surely get a job in big MNC,but fate doesn't understand our problem it just played it's own way and left me in a disastrous life that which makes me to fell in a deep depression and cannot be overtaken???
Why i didn't get a job because am i not well educated?
am i not sincere?
am i not skillful?
am i not talented?
then why did i get more marks in  our team project than anyone in our college,is it because we worked hard for it?
then why we didn't get any job,because i worked hard for it?
because i learned some different language for our new project?
because our project is different?
Went to many interviews in our campus interviews like Satyam,CapsGemini,etc but didn't selected in the first round because am i not skilled?
because of not talented?
because of no hardwork?
why i was blamed,because im an unemployed?
If we planned of something like studying further is it a sin?
Money is the big problem but it wouldn't come before our hardwork but no one believes because i was a failure of not getting job?

  Sincerely saying why people won't think that those people who had no jobs would live depressed but looks like enjoying outside?
Why people won't think that we are also humans,we too have feelings but why we were placed as worthless because of not having a JOB?
                     People from all over world,unemployment is because not only due to the unemployeds talent because the government has no jobs or the companies are not having places or they are not interested in doing job now,it doesn't mean that just abuse those persons with lots of scoldings and beat them roughly,it's just they had no LUCK!!
Show LOVE to them and Support them not by HARASSING them!!!!

                            Be a Human not a Beast before the Unemployeds!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Thanks to Beanizer and every Blogger!!!!

Especially Beanizer and next to all my followers,friends in blogger and thank you Dreamy Eyed Girl for giving such wonderful comment on me!!!

I never expect that anyone would appreciate my blog and really give support through their wonderful comments,i really feel like im successful as a blogger and a friend to all the bloggers who appreciated me much and inspired me to write posts.

The Rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!
4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.

7 Things About Myself:

1)Iam really open minded and never feel bad to say what is right and what is wrong.
2)I like to read books and not on internet but see iam getting used to it by reading everyone's blogs..huh.
3)I really like to make friends and i share everything to my friends and moreover they are really my well wishers and ofcourse my first priority is family but friends are next too!!!
4)Firstly,i must say i really don't know about other country people and had a bad thought about them but talking with some good persons like beanizer,mugambi,johann kotez and thiruselvam changed my thoughts that other country people are also good ones and think alike!!!!
5)I really don't like hollywood movies much but i like some of them which are of good concepts.
6)Iam priyanka chopra's biggest fan and if i had a situation to choose between my husband and priyanka i choose her!!!!!!
7)Iam a typical shy girl and had lots of temper but im also a friendly girl too!!!

Persons For Whom I Would Like To Give This Gift Are:-

Beanizer=Thanks for being a good friend,i really like the way you write your blogs and especially when u say in                 your blog that u r a kid!!!!
Mugambi=Truly a good blogger and good friend!!!

Sudheera=She has much knowledge about many things.

JollyPrincess=She is definitely a princess to her dad and her blog is really an realistic one and good one

Arindam=He has much knowledge about Indian cultures and truely a good blogger!!!

Suraj=Truly a good competator in blogging that he feels like but  a good person

Johann Kotze=I really like his car tatoos and a fan of his blog!!!

Kim=A truely inspiring and a motivator!!!

Didz=Really a good helper and supporter!!!

Thiruselvam=I like his talks mostly and his blogs are awesome!!!

PranabHazra=He really motivates people and truly a good blogger!!!

Tryant=Really optimistic person and mysterious blog he had!!!

Karen=Truly a good writer!!!!

Moonomo=Really busy person but never forgets his friends for sure and he got much talent!!!

I hope all these people stay as my friends forever!!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Love is a Dead Rose(part 2)

Hi frns,
Notice: My intention to stop this post part 1 was of having no time so i sincerely say SORRY for the readers of my post!!!!

So,coming to the story,days passed by but one fine day a phone call changed my brother's entire life,who knows where will everyone get such a situation where they would be dumb folded!!

Sneha called my brother and said to him that her engagement was fixed and she couldn't stop it,My brother got stunned and he even cannot go and ask her parents to stop the marriage,because how can he ask her parents her hand for marriage without a JOB???
   He said to sneha that he will come to her house by evening and tell their parents to stop these marriage preparations,but who knows our fate's decision is really different,who would expect that their own loved one deceive us......
   My brother shared his worry to his friends that Sneha is getting engaged this evening,but drastically the situation really changed and he really came to know that actually sneha is getting MARRIED that evening!!!!
How trickily that girl deceived him and how cleverly acted to my brother that she is so worried,but friends for evil there will be a destruction.
  My brother didn't even believed anyone because he trusts Sneha more than anyone and moreover his love was true so,he went to Sneha's house as he gave a promise that he will come to her house and ask her hand for marriage,but poor guy for whom he left his world,for whom he left his studies,for whom he left his everything was just a TRAITOR!!!
 I still remember that evening until today which made my brother numb for TWO years!!!
 He went to Sneha's house,really that day her house is shining like a shinning stars with much sounds and crackers after all it's Sneha's wedding with the same guy who my brother saw with her one day!!!
 My brother didn't even though believed that Sneha will cheat him and thought that it was just a forcibly marriage and does not want to marry that guy, but the great cheater,traitor Sneha appeared in a great red color blooming saree with much more embroidery,really looked like a princess to my brother!!!
Sneha saw him and said: "Hi bhargav,well thanks you had come to my marriage,actually i wanted to inform you about this before but u know you thought i was in love with you,but sincerely spending time with you is really great!
Though how can i marry an idiot of course a jobless and even a stupid person!!!
well,if you want to enjoy my marriage feast you can!!!
bye bhargav..psst LOOSER".

my brother stood helplessly and pleaded Sneha not to cheat hi,his life is lost if his princess goes away,he is indeed madly in love and the trait of sneha to him was indigestible for him.He came to know from his friends that Sneha indeed convinced her parents to marry that guy(sandeep) and the marriage is over with lots of fun.
 My brother nearly spent two years without talking to anyone,nearly pushed himself into a world of sadness,doctors said that his brain was completely sticked one matter and there is no hope of bringing him back into normal!!!
 Do anyone believe of Miracles???
i believe miracles,they do happen,such thing happened to my brother one fine day Sneha called to us and we all just scolded her a lot and she pleaded us that she want to say "SORRY" to my brother because she is finally feeling sorry about him and wanted to meet him,we did disagreed but she came to meet my brother,her one touch really made him move,HE MOVED HIS HAND!!!

 He really did moved and the first words he spoke was "why sneha am i not a good lover to you?"
Sneha cried before my brother and really said her story after her marriage and that's what will happen for triators,u know sneha's husband ditched her leaving her alone and went away with another girl giving her divorce,see we say "what we do bad for others, that bad comes for us also".
Know my brother works in a reputed MNC software company and earns 7lakhs per month!!!
on the other side Sneha is asking each and every person to marry her!!!
MORAL: "love is such a powerful feeling which not only fights for its existence but it gains death too!!!
                love the person with all your heart but not their money or wealth,love comes from heart and dies if and only if the person wants to!!!"
My dear friends,so my request is love the person who really loves you,not the person who acts like he is loving you.Love is a beautiful feeling which both the lovers can feel and it has that much power that one lover can sense another lover wherever they are.
Love is great and long live love!!!!

                                           LOVE IS A DEAD ROSE!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Love is like a dead rose!!!(part 1)

Hi friends,it's really a pulchritude word "LOVE",know i want to share my views on this marvellous word love!!!

         "We were given: Two hands to hold. Two legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else.For us to find".
Love is really a pain for each other,an everlasting thoughts of happiness,but in the attempt of getting their loved ones there is only a thorns way!!!
I had seen many lovers who wants to reach each other but they are separated due to many reasons.One of such a story i want to tell for you guys.

This is a true story based on my brother Bhargav.........
He is really a true brother,a true son and moreover a true person,iam glad to have a brother like him moreover i say lucky because he is just a simple person,very calm and a decent guy.He had many qualities in him which made me to write my brother's wonderful love story which drastically ended unknowingly!!!
He is not such a kind of boy who flirt with girls and tease them but a study minded guy and a best competitor
 to their classmates.
Those were the days of his graduation,he was indeed a good student and one of the toppers in the class and so as Sneha,both of them had a great competition in studies but gradually friendship bloomed in them.Anyone of their class didn't ever expected that my brother a study minded person would fall in love with Sneha,i wonder
how Sneha accepted his love at once and she didn't had an another thought but she too said him that she loves him.They fell in deeply love that which even the Love Birds may feel jealous of!!!

Sneha is indeed a friendly girl and she moved freely with each and everyone in a friendly manner,even she talked with boys too.She really became my brother's heart's princess and his life.
My brother drowned himself in such a madness of love with her that he forgot the purpose of him joining in graduation and really that day i got surprised when the marks of his second year of graduation declared,he failed in two subjects!!!
But this was less surprising than the one which is more surprising to me that Sneha stood first in class!!!
My brother who don't even know the word "Failure" failed in life for the first time to let his princess to gain!!!
Actually he was helping Sneha throughout nights for helping her in studies and he even forgot that he has to prepare too!!! Sneha just acted that she was so sad for his failure but i knew that she is very happy innerself.
After classes they used to disappear from the college and my brother used to show up at late nights,my parents
 don't know about his love and they ignored that he is concentrating in his studies.Sneha indeed a friendly girl but i wonder why she used to talk with each and every boy on phone of her class at late nights?????
but,my brother really a stupid guy thought that she is soo friendly that every person want to do friendship with her!!!! really an optimistic thinking indeed!!!!
He didn't even understood the real plot of that nasty girl!!!!

Iam not criticizing or hating girls so that iam writing this post but this is based on a true story how there will be some traitors in love!!!!
Slowly,days passed by the graduation is over and that is the last day for my brother to understand the trait of that traitor!!!
results of the graduation are declared and an astonishing facts were revealed that Sneha stood first in class and my brother got just a first class!!!!
 My poor brother gave party to all his friends that Sneha got First rank!!!! really what a person he is!!!! because his love was true.Sneha enjoyed that party with a full blast and after that party she used to ignore my brother and used to say that "iam busy!!!"
Sincerely saying how a lover can ignore another lover??

my brother unfortunately didn't get any job and was wasted like a CURRY LEAF in a curry and used to roam in the streets asking for a simple job even though he is a well educated person!!!
On the other hand Sneha got a job in a well reputed MNC company because she is an topper ofcourse!!!
One fine morning Sneha was seen by some other guy by my brother,he asked her who was he and she too replied him in a casual manner that he is her colleague!!!
  Days passed by but my brother didn't even succeded to get a job and was blamed of getting low graded marks,by the companies....
Suddenly one phone call changed the entire life of my brother and that incident made my numb!!!
 to be continued.....stay tuned....

Friday, March 12, 2010

Microsoft Certification Exams and Sun certification Exams

Hi frns,
          I really have no idea about how many people around the world knew about these certifications but am really wanted to say to the people who are really very good in the computers and are not known to the world about their skill.I just want to suggest to these marvelous certification exams which really are internationally accepted and through this certification we will be recognized through out the world.Hey guys am not promoting these exams as i was an promoter to the Microsoft company or Sun microsystems,but i really feel gratified that there are organizations who wanted to certify the persons who are really good at computers and really a die hard fans of computers.

         Coming to these exams,these exams are conducted through out the world and for registering to these exams firstly you need to go through the website of\learning and\learning.First visit these websites and really go through all the benefits we get and all the information we want.I especially recommend my Aspiring Software Engineers through out the world to participate in this exam and really prove themselves that they are not loosers but are best,many of the people know about this certification exams but there are many including me not knowing and really craving to be recognized,am one of those 100 people who doesn't even know about this.Cost doesn't matter because these exams atleast don't cost more than the competative exams like Gre and Toefl!!!

In my life i really earned many certifications but if am certified to a great organization then really my goal is reached.Hey friends these exams are not an easy nut to crack, practice is must and hardwork never pays off!!!
So,friends hope you all receive 100% in these exams and be a successful persons.All the Best!!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Life is too Dangerous!!!(True Incidents)

Hi frns,
          I live and learn through my experiences,may be i would say incidents just pull over me where iam,jokes apart,this post of mine is about my friend who never gave up her life even though having lots of difficulties in her life,she not only recovered from those and retrieved her ambition and know become a successful girl.
         Her story really inspired me a lot which made me to write this post.This post is truly for her and her true spirit.I usually see many teenagers and adults leave a suicide note and die just for small reasons like graduation fail,love failure etc.I want to convey this story for all those people who attempt suicide just for small reasons and not knowing how valuable life was!!!
         "The value of what you do is best measured not by
          possessions acquired or accolades received,but
          by what you achieved,what you learn,and most
           importantly what you become in the process."
                                                    -David L.Weatherford.
Know coming to her story,she is once used to be a very timid and shy girl but with many dreams in her mind and with many high expectations,just think a girl from a village who wants to be an aeronautical engineer!!!!
 I still remember the first day of our college, while stepping into the college she said to me:"hey ravali,iam going to be an aeronautical engineer!!!",i was astonished that how she could say that before starting her journey she had that much of confidence but she might not know that her fate was already written in the god's diary.She was really my inspiration and her confidence really made me to think about my future.But as old saying whatever we expect to have it wouldn't be achieved without having many troubles.My friend got many friends and ofcourse enemies too in same amount!!!
The enemies of her plotted a beautiful sketch to destroy my friends studies,at the college age we all knew what is a big disaster "love",they appointed a boy to harass her in the name of love,that boy really started harrassing her mentally by following her,commenting her in roads,disgracing her infront of her friends and did whatever he has to do to criticize her.Slowly,other girls of our class stopped talking to my friend,they started rejecting her as they started doubting her character as if she is a low-graded girl!!!

She got herself in a world of thorns where she couldn't have anyone to help her,being a girl from village if her parents come to know about this she will be forcibly banished to go to college as they are not broad minded people she even couldn't tell them.I suggested her to place a complain to police but the police needed parents confirmation which she doesn't have to file a case,so what should she do?
Where in the world should she go to fight against these harassments?
how a single girl can fight a boy who has much influence and with all those enemies?
But then i saw a spark on her face even though she is having lots of troubles,she is a shy girl,timid but i wonder how she hide those precious tears from her eyes just to achieve her goal.Anyone could imagine a shy girl,a very timid one and a slow poke type girl didn't even committed suicide because of these blames and she didn't do that because she knows how precious her life is,she knows difficulties are not for long time,she may be too sensitive but not at heart,would you all imagine that was the day of our results and all enemies of my friend are eagerly  waiting for her result especially to get the good news of failure but their time is bad,my friend stood top in our college in spite of all humiliation,criticisms,harassments,she proved that whatever comes in our way but dude don't forget your goal!!!
       That day was really a day where no one would ever expect from her,even me.The spirit to acheive made her a powerful weapon inner that she didn't loose her hope to acheive her goal,with those hidden tears she actually succeeded and proved that whatever comes in life no one can destroy one's spirit.Friends if suicide is the only option to you then what about this girl,she must have done suicide before itself but she didn't because she knew she will acheive her dream in spite of worries.
Every human being is born for a cause and dies for a cause,if we were here in this world means we were born to acheive something but not to die,just think yourselves once while you think of suicide,think of your parents who raised you in spite of worries,so my dear friends this is just to convey that worries come and go but not our life.
"If you can imagine it,you can achieve it;
if you can dream it,you can become it."
                 -William Arthur Ward.
So,at the end she is know an aeronautical engineer and started her career,imagine if she would have died will she become an aeronautical engineer???  friends life is more precious don't loose it.
                         Life is too Dangerous!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Speed is Death in Roads

Hi frns,
          Being a Indian i really know what is meant by road and how they really look,i don't really criticize my government but in fact our country is really developing,but not the people,there are many illiterates in my country who needs to know about all the rules in the country.I know how our auto-rickshaws swerve,i know how our buses move,i know how the bikers move,i know all the mistakes these people doing but what should i do?
I am not at that level of position to tell them that this is wrong and that,know coming to my point i actually experienced recently what really going speed in road does!!!

I was driving my bike with my friend,we were talking a little bit but i was concentrating on the road,suddenly a car in front of us coming from opposite side signaled me that it is going left,so i thought to slow down but that car didn't went left,i thought it may be waiting for me to cross over so i thought to cross over and suddenly from the back with really a inch gap our government bus went through,i was in the middle of the car and the bus with inch difference!!! we didn't got hurt but just think is it the way a driver should think just to ran over anything that comes in their way even a human???
After the bus crossed me,i continued my driving but really no person did cared about this ,that due to our slight mistake two persons life would have gone!!!

I am not considering this as it already happened to me but it was actually happening day to day life in our lives,people forget that other people are also a people who breathe,who does all the things what they do.Know a days,every one are becoming that busier that they even don't know what really happening due to their slightest mistake.
    In India daily in a minute one person die because of an accident!!!
Auto-rickshaws,car drivers,bus drivers,lorry drivers etc are not educated and what they knew is just to drive the vehicle they are in and they even didn't care about how they are driving.Youngsters mainly teenagers even girls drive their bikes as they are the only people in the road to go in it,i don't say driving speed is wrong but there is a limit for everything,they might loss their valuable life too.
So,i sincerely plead all the fellow human beings that going speed is not bad but driving with care is needed and if because of us a person dies then we cannot hide our face to the world.
Take Care While You Drive!!!!