Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Experience!!!!

Hi frns,
          Now i wanted to share something with you guys all my World readers for my blog!!!
Experiences i wonder how this little word came into existence without a human being's age,Some experiences are expressive,some are aggressive likewise some experiences are dreadful.Many has got many experiences and i knew whomsoever now reading my blog has their own experience in life.Iam now having a wonderful experience in life but i saw many sad experiences of the people around me too.
I'm a person who wants to learn everything through my experiences in this travel i found that many people around here are not happy and are really having a bad experience in their life.
Beany:-Hush...Mr.bean she is serious........)
Well,i'm not that big enough to show anyone how to lead a life but i just want to share my new experience in USA where iam at present living.I met such a wonderful human beings who are Honest,Trustworthy,Truthful(Hey guys you people don't even know how to lie!!!!),these people i met just had a pure heart but inspite of having it they got lots of tensions and sadness around them.But i love the true spirit of them where they  don't loose their smile in their face!!(I LOVE THAT GUYS!!!)

Well,i won't say that other people are  not honest or something else but i just wanted to share my new experience over here.Hey you know what,which i didn't learn in my home iam learning those after i came here!!

Guess what....Waking up early in the morning!!!(I hate it)
Punctuality....(waaahhhh....my professors throw me out if i don't be there on time...i hate it...hmpf!!!)
Well guys,these are my new experiences which i shared to the world and if anyone wants to share their experiences do feel free to post a comment and i will publish it..(Hmmm...i'm a busy girl now....heheh...)


Monday, November 15, 2010

Hide and Seek!!

Hi frns,
          I knew that you know that i play hide and seek a lot,i knew that you know me when my heart first started to beat,i knew that you can feel me whether where i go,how far i travel i knew that you can see me with your eyes whether i'm present or not.You know me from the day i was born,you know that i play hide and seek a lot and test your patience,i knew you waited for me for Nine months just to save a look your wonderful love,I knew you still search me whenever i hide from you,I knew Mother i play a lot hide and seek with you!!

I knew Mother how you feel when i go far away from me,i knew mother how you hide your tears when i cry,i knew mother how you feel the pain when something hurts me,i knew mother it is a big pain in life to be apart with you for sometime but i came to know why you cared for me inspite of me playing a hide and seek with you.I came to know that nothing is as same as before it was without you,i came to know how you feel when iam hungry.I came to know now,how you feel for me........
                        This post is dedicated to my MOM,because i see many people doesn't even care about their parents at all and leave them at OLD AGE homes.I knew how the mother feel like when she needs to send her son or daughter to a war against other country.I knew how the mother feels when she see's her dead son or daughter returning from their everlasting war.
Well my mother too knew how it feel like paying a send off to her daughter to an another country where there is no sign that she will come within one day to her but she sent me with just a hope that i would return back to her soon to keep my head in her warmth lap and listen her songs and i will be back for sure!!!



Saturday, November 6, 2010

Beautiful Roses!!!

A life is just like a Rose never knew this beauty can hurt us,never knew the color will fade one day,never knew there will be thorns in it,never knew it shines for a day!!

A human never wants anything but he wants everything,he/she thinks that we have everything but they don't know they got nothing.My life is just like a Rose i started to shine but just for a little time but i knew that one day will be my everlasting day in my life which i remember till my end.
Whenever i see roses i feel enlightened to think that "yeah...i'm the one over there..!"
Roses are many in color but i like the Red and Blue roses as i go crazy for them,i knew why girls mostly like flowers because they are very sensitive just like a girl's heart.I saw many girls who are very much confident,tom boy types but all are the same by heart,when they got hurt they will show their sensitive side of them.I wonder why girls are compared to flowers,because they are soft and beautiful??
Girls get angry a lot,well these roses never wants to loose but there are many situations where these beautiful roses are made to cry ...i see these roses fall when they are rejected by their parents,i see these roses die when they are rejected by their partner,i see these roses cry when they are compared by other flowers,i see these roses bend down when they are abused....but still these are the beautiful roses with a strong heart and confidence in them which mad them still the No.1 attracted flowers in the world.
I salute the beauty,confidence,motherhood of these beautiful roses(girls)......
Well,i need to thank again my friend BEANIZER for this wonderful award:-

I think very pleased to receive this award,well i hope i'm entertaining all my readers inspite of being busy!!
I want to dedicate this award to all my blog friends who started blogging and my friends too!!
Beany,Sie,Jill,Sudhi,Bella,Nandy,Jec,Thiru,Mahibul,Hasi,Bro,Eric etc to everyone!!
Thanks a BUNCH!!!