Friday, October 25, 2013

Strange Meeting...!!! (The End)

Hi frnds,
            Sam and Rachel got some misunderstanding but still talking after that incident in Rachel's hometown.

There is a saying whenever in a relation if a third person enters spoils the relation.
In this story the third person came like as a destroyer and  it is Rachel's best friend named Patricia,Rachel told Patricia about her relation with Sam and the
things happened between them. Rachel although didn't disclose anything in-depth but jealous Patricia got the information that Rachel and Sam were serious about each other and thought to
end their relation.
Patricia, made up a wonderful story and even dragged her Whimsical Boy friend John into her big plan.
They made up a story of accusing Sam, that he made lewd comments on Patricia and John tried to assault Sam as it is natural for any boy friend to get anger.
They also confronted to Sam that, it was Rachel who told them about this lewd comments and they appreciate her honesty.
Sam got furious and called Rachel and scolded her so badly even calling her characterless for this, without asking whether there is any wrong of her's or not.
Rachel got hurt ed so badly,even though she thought it was fine to loose her love than loosing her friendship with Patricia and supported Patricia,as Rachel couldn't see the evil tears of Patricia.
Rachel even though hurt ed she waited for Sam to cool down and call her but Sam never called her and he was long gone from then on wards.

All happened so suddenly that Sam and Rachel were parted within minutes of time even though their relationship was from 3 years.

Rachel's Point of View:

Rachel loved Sam truly and she was very honest in her relation.She even told her parents about her interest and even her friends.
Rachel expected Love from Sam and nothing much and even she didn't looked at the condition of financial matters of Sam who was lower than rachel,in spite of being the
most handsome boy in town. Rachel was waiting for the Sam to ask her whether she said all about the Lewd comments but not some scolding from him neither getting comments from him.
Rachel's honest nature was not handled by Sam, which led him to broke the relation is what Rachel thinks now.

Sam's Point of View:

Sam being a Handsome boy and having lot many options of having girl friend's never expected that he would fall for a girl like Rachel.
Rachel became so close to him as her voice is enough to soothe his pain. Sam believed John's and Patricia's words,as they are good friend's of Rachel but he didn't asked Rachel whether those were true.
Sam thinks Marriage is not his part of life and wanted Rachel to be his dearest lifelong, which is worth reasonable for some but not like those like Rachel who is kind of sensible in this kind of things.

Writer's View:

What as a writer i feel in this issue was, Though SAM and Rachel love each other, trust each other, fallen in the trap of evil minded Patricia but still Rachel was trying to explain the thing to Sam, where the part of understanding lags in his part.
For any person who is angry,sometimes they do mistakes which they doesn't mean but whenever Ego comes into a relation it over rules the person.
Sam really loves Rachel but he lost her as he believed in evil Patricia's words doubting on Rachel.
Sam should have told Patricia that i believe in Rachel rather than calling her Characterless.
Even though Sam says her Sorry, still Rachel cannot accept it as there was no Love in Sam's heart as if a person loves a person never doubts on them but rather finds out the thing.
Sam did Time pass with Rachel nothing much than that and masked himself that he Loves her. But the fact is Sam never loved Rachel but played with her emotions and feelings.
Sam betrayed Rachel with this one incident and thinking he could get some other beautiful girl in his life but where in the case of Rachel, survived from Depression with the help of parents and friends and now happily looking forward for a new destination of life.

If really Sam loved Rachel, he wouldn't let her in that condition. Even if we consider a friend in that condition we try to help them but Sam never looked back to Rachel and left her in distress and grief.

Moral: People what we learn from this love story is that even though Fate is bringing Sam and Rachel together. still the same Fate never let them to be together and what we can say is never believe in persons or trust a person who believes everything.

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