Friday, May 14, 2010

ALISHA(Dreams of LOVE) Part--5

Hi frns,
          Atlast the beautiful story is going to end,well lets begin the suspense.........
Abrahim decided to gather some information and proofs so that it would please Alisha and let her know the truth,he decided to go to Amar's know resting place that is Jammu.Alisha asked Abrahim where he was going but telling lies is a bad thing but for the sake of good Abrahim told to his love a lie that too for his love's sake!!!

Abrahim went to Jammu,he contacted through many and got some information over there that Amar was caught by police and he is in imprisonment and his hearing in the court is in process.Abrahim thought this was the chance to bring Alisha and show her the truth of Amar,he called Alisha and said whatever he knew about Amar's history but Alisha didn't agreed but he pleaded her to come to Jammu and see the fact.

Alisha however managed in her house saying a lie that she is going to her friend's marriage and left to Jammu in a wish in her heart that Abrahim must be wrong,she reached Jammu and met Abrahim.
Abrahim took her to the jail and showed her the truth of Amar.Alisha's heart broken,her tears flooded like a oceanic waves.She fainted.

Abrahim woke her up and said that:" No Guy Is Worth Your Tears & When You Find The One That Is He Won't Make You Cry!!!"

Alisha don't even knew that there is a heart which cries for her and at that time she was all broken.It took Alisha

 several months to recover but with the help of Abrahim she did managed to move on but first love is first love which 

makes every person to cry but Alisha got Abrahim who will throw away those memories with his own dreams.She 

realised the meaning of true love from Abrahim and one day she wanted to say those three magical words to him 

and suddenly.........................

ALISHA.....ALISHA...WAKE UP IT'S ALREADY 7'OCLOCK............(it was her mom waking her up)



well guys & gals don't ever try to love a person without knowing them at all and these days many youngsters are falling into prey of such an idiots who just says they love them after they will be a traitors.

"love is a divine thing,a beautiful music,a lyrical song,a tempting wish!!!!"

So,do take care to choose your partners this story is just for advising you people to go into a good path of success in love and choosing the right path.......
(hehehehe...i knew it's a bit too long story,apologies for it!!!)
Thanks readers!!!


Jill Wellington said...

Oh, my gosh, Ravali...a SURPRISE ending for sure!! What a clever way to warn young women of predator men. You had me in suspense after part four, and I was happy that part five was already posted.

Last night, I told my daughter about your story and she came in and read it too. I am amazed that you can write in another language. You are quite an amazing young lady at the age of just 21!

ravali said...

well thanks ms.jill,i write through the experiences i seen in my life,these all writings had some linking in my observation in the real world!!!
i hope i made you all happy with my post!!

sudhi said...

oh i hinted the ending b4 only ehahahaha..... Actually ur posts name gave me such a hint!!!!!!1

rimi said...

A very interesting STORY with gr8 TWIST and MORAL...Keep it up!