Saturday, May 8, 2010

ALISHA---Dreams of LOVE(part 3)

Hi frns,

Alisha returned her home with a unknown happiness,it's a very different feeling that she felt then when she heard the word from Amar.As we all know that whether girls agree or not but as a girl i knew it that a girl feels happy when these two beautiful words were said by boys i.e,"YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL" and "YOU ARE GREAT".Well being a girl myself i feel happy when any boy calls me BEAUTIFUL so,that what happened to Alisha and Amar got his first impression in Alisha's mind.
That night she spent sleepless because she thought may be it is life she thought,next day she took a hour to get dressed!!!!

Well i think that's the reason when every girl falls in love takes a lot care about her beauty!!!
Alisha doesn't aware that she is in love,well she took a lots of glimpses at her mirror before she left her house and drove her bike to her college in a very pleasant mood.

That day she didn't find Amar anywhere,he is not present!!!
She felt so bad that even she got tears in her eyes and with her teary eyes she went to her home and that night too she couldn't get sleep thinking of him!!!!

The next day too she get herself dressed in a well mannered way and left her home with a searching eyes for Amar,that day too she didn't get a glimpse of Amar as he didn't showed up that day too!!!

The third day,Amar showed up while Alisha was walking in the street,he called her and she was so pleased to see him.Amar told her the reason he was not able to come as he was busy and he was sorry for not meeting her.Well,Alisha was pleased that Amar does concern about her.The days passed by as their friendship blossomed into a beautiful love story and one fine day Alisha's dream came true,That was a pleasant sunny morning when both of them are riding in a bike,Amar proposed Alisha and Alisha got surprised that she indeed got her PRINCE CHARMING!!!

She accepted his proposal with a face of love and both were involved in a great bondage of LOVE!!!

While,Abrahim used to watch Alisha everyday,Alisha doesn't  even know that he was the person who is responsible of catching the pick pocketer who nabbed her purse and gave it to Amar,as we say:
 "if your love is true then you should be that true that you must sacrifice that love truly."That what Abrahim did.
He knew that his love for Alisha was true and he has the confidence that he can get his love for sure!!!
Dreaming of his love for Alisha one day he heard from his friend that Alisha was in love with Amar!!!
He is devastated,because it's really difficult and painful to leave our first love.But he still on his lost love with a small hope that he could gain.

There is a saying:"LOVE IS BLIND",that's what Alisha has now,that she doesn't know about Amar yet,moreover his background and which type of guy he is,but Amar has his own story of........



Jill Wellington said...

Wow! I want to know Amar's back he hiding something? Poor Abrahim. When is part 4???? This is fun to follow.

ravali said...

well thanks ms.jill,yeah part 4 is coming on monday!!!

Short Poems said...

Nice story :)