Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Poetry Fever!!!

Hi frns,
           Anyone doesn't know this but now i'm sure if i reveal this secret my family and friends will be awestruck,well from my childhood i used to write poems,i thought books are my friends because in never had many friends in my life until now,hopefully i proved myself after i became a blogger that i'm a very good extrovert.i used to write poems about clocks,clouds,sun,hmmm..lot more and i kept that diary with me for many days but unfortunately when we shifted our house i lost it!

Poetry is my passion but i doesn't consider myself as a best poet because i like the sky and the stars very much,i love them and consider them as my friends and i used to talk with these in my childhood days very much.May be due to this i wanted to be a Aeronautical Engineer,due to that i had a wish that to be dead in a aeroplane accident because if i had a chance to choose that death is sure if i choose aeroplane and life,i would choose death in a aeroplane,hmmm...very crazy wish right but this is my own deep wish! parents and family will be surprised for sure as i'm revealing my crazy wishes,heheh...

lets start my Poetry Fever:----

"The first time i opened my eyes slowly and saw a beautiful goddess holding me,i thought this is the life's greatest moment,
The first time i touched the angels hand and felt like, heaven is not so far but it's in her hand,i thought this is the life's everlasting feeling,
The first time i learnt the warmth of being a baby and it's because of the elysian given to me by god,i thought this is the elixir of life,
The first time you hold my hand to make me walk then i thought i'm ready to explore the sweetness of world,
The first time you made me talk made me think that i'm ready to be a good spokesperson in the world,
The real world is just known by the help of you MOM,thanks for being my goddess of life"

this poem is just for my mom,i love you mom!!!
Mom you are the best!!

"I glared at you but you never spoke to me,
I praised you but you never look at me,
I liked the presence of you but you never felt me,
I liked the fragrance of your's but you never noticed me,
I liked the shines of your's but you never shined for me,
I liked the shadows but never talked to me,
Hey Sky why don't i be you????"

This is about the  Sky(akasam(telugu))
I always wanted to be a part of sky but never be,i hate this life of a human and wanted to be a star to be with my sky,well one day i will reach it.

That's all folks my poems,i think i'm crazy to write poems but these are my feelings!!!

See ya, hope liked!!!  


sudhi said...

nice poetry go on.....

beanizer_05 said...

great pieces...
i like when you call your mom a goddess..

you know what's weird? if i'd be given a chance to die in an accident, i always chose to have it on plane crash..coz i don't want to suffer, i want to explode in an instant w/ no pain..hehehe

keep posting your poems poet..

ravali said...

@sudhi:--thank u

@beanizer:--well that's good you want to explode well lets see what will happen for both of us in future how we die!!!
hehehe...thanks but real poet is gurpreet i'm just a kid poet!!!

JollyPrincess said...

Hello friend.. Nice poem!

Well, about my poem mentioned by our blogger friend. Yeah, I wrote the poem for our Communication Skills training at the Call Center. Our trainer made us recite a poem in front, and explained it. The poem was the story of my life. I am not really sure if I wrote the poem right. I was telling a story of my life, my childhood and coming to Manila to work and study. Manila is around 8 hours ride by car, or bus from the place I came from. Because of that poem I topped the Communication Skills training. (lol) I guess it was because my co trainees just copied the poems from a book. In my case, I composed the poem.

Anonymous said...

o mother ,you are heaven to me ,world has no existence without your blessings , no man ever became victorious without your blessings , and you have the power to defy gods when you have to prove your love for your children , o mother ,god has no meaning to me ,i found my god in you "

"your dreams are in your jaded eyes ,and destination lies in open skies "
poetess accept my veneration