Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Depression??? (ASK ME!!)

Hello Friends,
                      Life we think it's very easy if we have money, if we have family and friends but our body is not the same as we expect.sometimes we need to
understand that something is bothering us and it is not because of family or friends but something which u can't explain but u feel to cry.
Depression is one of such illness or i would say a condition, where people feel that they are fine and active but it will act them suddenly without their knowledge.

Actually depression can occur may be due to loneliness, heart broken, worries, tensions etc but mainly depression can occur normally also.People say i think you are not psychologically correct or ill but it's not correct but sometimes the brain processes too much of requests and tasks that
once it got exhausted and then we feel yes this is end of the story. Myself, i faced this situation recently, may be i was heart-broken, felt emptied,
lost hope in life even i isolated from my friends and family and i don't want to do it but i was doing it without my intention.I was acting weirdly with everyone.

At first i thought may be because i got rejected in my love may be its the problem, but later on i discovered its not about that but something else.
I was sad about the loss of my love but y am acting weird is the question banging on my head all the time. I was easily weeping on phone. Friends who knew me found out y am easily breaking down these days without any reason. It's just not a mental illness but sometimes people get into trance that they feel emptied themselves in this big world.

 May be because of lost love, may be because of career and it will start in such a way.Even i know suicide is a stupid thing to do but i felt like i have done enough and achieved enough now and just wanted to die but y, i have no reason for it. This is called depression.

But, honestly saying that being with your family and friends will make you again normal which took me two months to get back to normal. I really thank my good friend Ravi, who never let me go even though i acted weird, i screamed at him,i burs ted out in tears with him,but he was always there for me as a good friend, as a brother, he helped me to get back to normal and now i would say that i have fought the depression almost 95%.

The main Reason for me to write this article is that DEPRESSION is not any mental illness or u r mad but sometimes you are affected in life too much which makes u to be depressed. For me my friend helped me to take me out of depression
but for many its not the same so its good to consult a psychiatrist. 36% of Indians are in depression and India tops the depression rate around the world. So, i would like to convey everyone that don't be sad and just talk about it and i know depression not only being caused just because u lost something etc but it also causes scientifically due to hormonal changes as well. Women are prone to more depression than men and i would say don't isolate yourself from world
as it's not a sin to be depressed.
Battle it and live and laugh and love yourself.
Remember one thing that you are born for some reason and you are the best being yourself.
Keep smiling from your heart and don't fake it dears!!    

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