Saturday, March 7, 2015

Parents,"We are Born to you not to the society!!"

Hello Friends,
                      This post is entirely for educating the young parents and also normal parents who think what they do is correct in their life for their children.
There are some parents who are very protective about their children as they provide clothes,gadgets, phones etc to them and think they have fulfilled their child desires. The main reason of a spoil brat is that not making him understand the hard work you have gone through to earn that gadget or whatsoever piece of item. Even the children of presidents or higher officials train their children to be self-independent because its not the matter of money but upbringing of their child in the society in a positive manner. The big mistakes parents do to their children is that they provide all the requirements of theirs without asking. Parents never or ever should encourage their kids of being dependent on anyone and it only develops by not providing them what they want (I know am kinda harsh here but my main motto is the children should actually earn the item they want either by earning somewhere or getting good marks in exams but not casually).
Second big mistake of parents was when their child gets depressed about something and they share it with them then they say to forget it. Many psychologists i have asked this question is this a correct way of getting the child not to think or be in suicidal or depression mood??
The answer i got was really appealing, what they said is that :

Let the child SPEAK,
Let them CRY wholeheartedly,
Let the PAIN out than making them frustrated by keeping it inside of them.
Parents should try to make them understand that they are not useless and make their confidence build up as more as possible because children when at depression are needed lack of self worth. Any age children may be adults also face the same situation called "lack of self worth"while at depression which has to be supported by parents making them confident that they are not useless". I have seen many parents doing the same mistake calling their children of any age as USELESS, this small word can make their mental stability disturbed which will lead to depression, aggressiveness,;Lack of confidence within them. Children only can share with their parents and no one else and that is the biggest part what parents should understand.
Some adults who got breakups in their personal life seek loneliness due to lack of self worth and self respect among society but the simple solution for this problem is even parents should understand was that LET THEM SPEAK THEIR PAIN . Don't force or motivate them saying to forget their past but make them comfort that future may be good but let them take their time and don't make them force on anything.'Any broken heart cannot marry suddenly another person because they are in lack of confidence and trust which they can only get when the time goes on. People who are depressed will be in more pain and distress who needs time and support from not only parents but also by friends who has to understand their pain and make them comfort until they get stabilize.

My sincere advice for all the parents around the world that your children is your responsibility, your child has to face the society alone but only if you support them nicely, LET THEM SPEAK THEIR PAIN OUT, LET THEM CRY THEIR PAIN OUT, LET THEM OPEN UP........!!!

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