Thursday, January 28, 2016

Reverse Psychology!!!

The first time I read this word in the dictionary I found out it to be silly, later on when I remembered my past memories of some friends and colleagues I found out this is one of an interesting topic to speak about or write as well!!
Basically, every boy or girl according to the human psychology needs a partner at a certain age or I can say when their hormones raise!!
The main purpose of mine to write this post is to let people know that small tips to maintain a healthy relationship with the people you love.

Tip 1:  If a Boy ignores you and convey that he hates you but the problem is you love him,
The reverse psychology is that to achieve the main purpose of the task but in different way so, just convey that boy how much you love him and everything and then suddenly stop disturbing him, this will make him think of you for sure!!

(Yes, why would I behave so crazily like this and what if he elopes with another girl as am not disturbing him??   )

One thing is its human nature to respond to bad quickly than the good things. ( I don’t mean your love is the bad thing happened to that boy)  Our mind reacts to bad or something which it doesn’t like quickly, don’t you think you will sit quiet if some people come and talk some rubbish on you , in the same way your brain thinks of that person who used to bother you a lot though you are not interested to think of!!
Now, that boy will definitely think of you and will try to understand the things went on in the days you disturbed him. If he was slightly interested in you, he will try to talk to you may be like a person who hates you or like a stranger now, this is the time you need to prove yourself. Be normal with him and don’t show too much love towards him so that he tries to understand your love and see you not being his lover but a girl waiting for a partner.

(This tip in reverse can be applied to a girl as well )

Many youth these days commit suicide due to the rejection of love but life is more important than love so, if you know some of these little tips in relations a life can be saved and a person life is more important than anything in this world after all!!!

Tip 2: Your child bothers you all the time and does exact the reverse of what you have asked him or her to do.
Basically, we raise our kids in such a way that they shouldn’t get hurt, they can spend whatever money they need etc. Well we didn’t know that by doing in this way we are actually spoiling our kids future.
They become more and more stubborn and next they won’t even listen our words and as we love them so much we cannot beat them up. So how to manage these stubborn kids, reverse psychology works people!!
If your kid asks for a toy and he cries and cries for it then give him so, the next time he does the same stunt just to get that toy he needed. Then you just ignore his cry, he may not have his food all day but ignore and next day he will definitely change and will say it’s ok am fine with not having that toy.

(Seriously, you want my kid to starve whole day??? R u nuts??? )

Well, god might be the creator of humans but parents are the creators of their own kids so, we have to choose the right path to make our children go in a good direction. They will surely develop bad feelings about us because of our strictness but later on as they develop they understand that toy which costs of 1000$ is not worth of their parents suffering of getting those dollars!!
What I mean to say is, we need to raise our kids to be independent than being dependent and that comes when we as parents understand the situations perfectly.
So, hopefully, I have covered two main topics that bothers a lots of people these days and feel free to post your comments and let me know your concerns as well.
Your’s friend,


beanizer_05 said...

well..those were not even in the list of things that bothers me at this moment so i really can't relate haha :P

i miss blogging, but i don't know how to start again :(

Ravali SAP said...

well i think you should start blogging beany, we miss your posts buddy!!!