Friday, December 4, 2015

Sweetest Pain!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Relations are great,if we can manage them in a good manner with lots of communication and understanding but are we going the right path?
Lots of disturbances arise between two people who are in a committed relationship may be due to money, friends etc, but does those problems really matters if we really love each other?
Two people fall in love with each other may be due to beauty, money, etc but what exactly can we describe love ?
I keep on seeing posts from people regarding their happy marital life in social networking sites but are they really happy?
i just want to discuss regarding the sweetest pain in a relationship in life.
Well, do we need to exactly pursue a masters degree in psychology to know about relationships, marriages etc?
Aren't we eligible to talk through our experiences in life?
many people think only, those who study human behavior are the ones who knows everything, but nobody knows anything until they research on it.

1) When your husband doesn't pick your phone, what'exactly comes into your mind?

- May be he met with an accident
-May be he is with someone special
-May be he is ignoring you
-May be he is angry

But nobody thinks this,

- May be he is in a meeting
- May be he didn't check his phone
- May be he is on the way home

So, may be the environment we live or we see is having many conceptions and we suddenly think a negative side of the story than the reality and we have a small fight with our hubby.
Even we took the positive scenario we fight due to over protectiveness but these little fights may become big some day and may cause a big break in your relationship. Why cant we take or consider
that husband is also a human being, who has the right to think, talk and do whatever he likes. Marriage is not a agreement but an understanding of two souls. It's not an agreement that you shouldn't talk to the people whom your husband hates.

2)When you see your boy friend with an another girl at a movie theater, what you do?

-Go straight to him and slap him
-Scold him
-Text him where was he

But nobody thinks this,
-May be she is his friend/relative
-Go and meet them both and have fun

Well, nobody does the positive side as they feel insecure. Being a well educated human being, its not the positive side or negative side of reaction but the way of taking the situation.
Is this scenario really helps in your life or not?
Why you even need to respond to this one?
Taking the situation as a normal one and going in peace in life is the best way to live a life. Even our own parents wont come with us at death then why are we fighting here with a person who doesn't or cannot share your death!
no relation comes with u to heaven and why do we act these silly things after knowing that.
Only a human relation is with god and to that force which supports us in good times and bad times.
Keep faith in god and lead your life in a peaceful way than irritating your brain of being in positive or negative side.
That's why i would say Life is nothing but a sweetest pain......!!!!

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