Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Tears!!!

Hi frns,
          These were the tears which are not forgotten.These were the tears which are rolling out of my eyes because of happiness that which made me to write.My dream to study in USA is going to be true and i got my visa.
         "I still remember those tears which were caused by PAIN,
           I still remember those tears which were caused by STRAIN,
           I still remember those tears which were caused by SADNESS,
           I still remmeber those tears which were caused by HARASSMENT,
           But now i remember those tears which caused me to SMILE!!!"

I simply thank to all of the people who prayed for me and to god especially for being the part in my confidence.I still remeber those words of the visa officer saying:"YOUR VISA HAS BEEN APPROVED AND YOU WILL GET YOUR VISA THROUGH COURIER!!!"
I waited one year for this very moment which i acheived now.

Guys,i won't let this one chance to flew away,i will be the successful girl for sure.I will definetly reach my goal to meet hand to hand with BILL GATES through my company taking over his MICROSOFT!!!

BILLGATES is the person who made me to think about the software field and he will show me the path of success for sure.So i request everyone that don't get too emotional if you loose something because you will definetly deserve something so you lost that!!!




JollyPrincess said...

Congrats! Please remember to buy me an Apple laptop should you become rich. (lol)

I am so happy for you! So when you get to the U.S. you will change your location in your blog? Not India anymore? :)

Nandita said...

U'll surely b succsful..

Best of luck for ur bew life in usa..

ravali said...

@jolly:--this is just a beginning and there are many steps to cross!!!

@nandy:--thanks girl,well lets see how can i become a good successful girl!!!

Nur said...

Congrats! can conquer the world with your smile... thanks...It's very inspiring.

Jimmy Kicks Corner said...

That is really good news. I am so happy for you. I just hope the USA doesn't disappoint you. Where are you going to go in the USA.

ravali said...

@nur:--well i hope my ambition to do masters complete successfully!!!

@jimmy:--your first comment on my blog jimmy,i'm pleased.i don't know the culture in your country but i had a dream which came's at connecticut state!!! (rest can't say because it's a blog!!! heheh)

Jill Wellington said...

This is great, Ravali! I am proud of you for pursuing your dream. I do not live near Connecticut, but know you will really enjoy experiencing the American culture!

Bestmac1 said...

Having inspiring me with ur posts,why wont you make it in the states.keep up the good work.

ravali said...

@MAC:-THANKS a lot for the compliment well there is much more to achieve and i knew i will.