Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crazy Ideas

Hi frns,

Now i feel like i want to explore the beautiful sky with my own wings,Now i feel like that i got myself free from one world to another,Now i feel like grown up,Now i think success is just right behind me.Well these days my face is shinning with  brighten eyes.Sometimes my dog Krypto thinks that his sister gone mad!!!

Well i was thinking that leaving my parents is sad but leaving my pet dog is more sad!!!
See my cutie too misses me a lot!!!
Now i feel like to dance to all MJ's songs like...

Now i feel like to sing through my heart that......

(hmm....my sis gone mad!!!)

Now i feel like to jump in the ocean to surf because i want to cross Indian Ocean so that i can reach Pacific Ocean!!!
Now i feel like to all Indian recipes because poor me i couldn't find it there!!

(Well surely she became mad about USA!!!!)

Well guys,this is just beginning but iam sure you people will know me surely after Billgates!!
Watch out world Ravali will sure to rock the World!!!


Bharath (Pops) said...

Sure :)) All d best Ravali...

Jolly Princess said...

Good luck! I will pray for your success. You are one lucky Indian lady. Opps! Be careful where to go crossing the Pacific Ocean. You might land in the Philippines. (lol) Our country is surrounded by Pacific Ocean. And... do not forget my Apple Laptop when you get rich. :)

Jill Wellington said...

AWWWWW..your doggie is SO CUTE! I wish you could bring him along to the US. What date do you arrive? I can imagine it will be a culture shock for you. Can't wait to hear all about it!

ravali said...

@bharath:--thanks a lot

@jolly:--sure jolly count on ur apple laptop

@jill:--i wish i could bring my dog with me but...hmpf....well really it will be a culture shock for sure.hehe..lets see!!

manojdrana said...

@ravali'- after seeing ur blog,i m also getting worry about my pet. And nice blog.Hope u will definitely get ur dream come true.