Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Haunted Dreams!!!!

Hi frns,
          Dreams can be many but some dreams make you feel that is it for real or just our imagination.Dreams sometimes tell us something bad gonna happen and they might warn you that something bad gonna happen,but anyone can really believe that??
Well what if does it really happen??

One dream of mine showed me a scene which i couldn't forget until now,yes i indeed knew that dreams are the impact of our brain thinking,but this scene which i saw is such a place i never saw,well there is a possible for a imagination in a dream but the concept made to scare.Well,many cannot understand that there is a sixth sense in us too where it can sense the smell of danger.If dogs bark at the night or simply saying cry at night there will be some bad happen to some person over there.Some senses we feel but cannot admit,some things which we see but cannot show them,some things we talk in our dreams but we cannot remember.Why people are scared of Ghosts??
Does they exists??
If yes then why they haunt people in their dreams as ghosts are once human beings too then why they haunt people in their dreams??

Some people get scared of something which they saw in their dreams and couldn't sleep but dreams are just projections but yet they scare,but why??
Iam a Water Lover once but now am scared of Ocean Waters because i don't know i get a bad dream of Waters as they won't be calm looking at me and pounce me up into the ocean,i knew its just a dream but why i'm scared??
I always wanted to be a swimmer in my childhood but i couldn't get a chance and i always used to enjoy the beach but why now i cannot go near the beach side??
My dreams  are haunting me that to not to go to the beaches,is that a sign of bad or good??
Am i got something wrong??
What was the place i saw in my dreams,is it really exist??

From many years i have been haunted by these two dreams and i never think of a water when i sleep too but still i get these dreams,why???

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Jolly Princess said...

Yes, I believe in dreams. I had dreams of my father after he passed away from liver cancer. Later it was my youngest brother who dreamed of him. It was clear to my brother and I our father has a message for both of us.

I also believe in ghost. My brother next to me has 3rd eye. He can see those that cannot be seen by ordinary persons. :)