Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's Breaking!!!

Don't know the path i'm going on but has a goal to do something in life,to have a identity in world,to achieve something in life.
It's breaking inside of still being a beginner,of still being a smaller one,of still at the starting point.
It's breaking inside that  no choices are left and have to choose among the only option you have.
It's breaking inside that i couldn't help the needy,
It's breaking inside that i'm struggling,
It's breaking inside that when your dear one's couldn't understand you......still don't know the way...but it's breaking...breaking!!


cLai ♥ said...

oh my... i feel the same way....
i want my on forward but no matter how i try...i cant move any better

ravali said...

@clai: thanks,well at last found someone like me..hehe..well lets hope for the best i guess!!!

♥Sie♥ said...

well Ravie though it is breaking at least you can do something about it..on my part I can't do anything but wait..hopefully my annulment will be finished next week grrrrr..

passing by Ravie..missing you..I hope everything turns out well soon sis ;)

ravali said...

@Sie: well great to hear that soon u and beany can unite..well girl am just waiting for the right time and yep i know i can do it..lets hope for the best...take care you too sis...!!!!