Friday, November 4, 2011

Lovely SNOW

Hi Friends,

                This is my Second Winter in USA,the Weather is welcoming the SNOW.The Mighty SKY is making arrangements to make the snowfall,The Clouds are getting closer not to blown away by wind,the Wind is blowing the unwanted chemicals from the sky to make a clear white snow.

Whenever it comes it takes away all the heat from the ground and cools it down,
Whenever it comes all the trees shed their leaves to make them decorated with the ICY White Snow,
Whenever it comes everyone shivers and hug each other for the Warmth and enjoys it,
Whenever it comes Snow Man comes and tells us the story of Christmas Eve,
Whenever it snows it reminds me that Christmas is not so far,
Whenever it snows i feel like am lonely in this icy snow without my family nearby but i just love the snow!!

1 comment:

♥Sie♥ said...

weeeee..snow brrrrrr..I would love to touch and be in a place like that Ravie..have you no plans of going home for this Christmas Season?

Merry Christmas in advance sis from both of us..*hugs hugs* ;)