Friday, May 11, 2012

Story of Serena.....

Happy Mother's Day,

Well i don't know dreams predict our future or not but daily i get a dream of a Girl named Serena,after many days of thinking i wanted to post it here,may be it is all god wanted me to say something through her...

She is an orphan,brought up in an orphanage and one day a handsome guy passing by the orphanage looked at the enriching beauty Serena and fell in love with her beauty.One day she was called by her headmistress of the orphanage and she told her that she is getting married to a person named Kevin the coming week,serena was shocked and surprised but was happy that her dream to have her own family is being achieved.
Knowing nothing about the family and the person,serena got married to Kevin,may be we don't know we do mistakes without knowingly and unsuspectingly,it was the situation of serena too.

Everything was fine for a month and from then onwards her aunt became a witch and her husband a psycopath,daily she used to get a good thrashing if she denied to do any work.

She was not allowed to go outside and was locked in a small dark room after all the daily chores have been done.She used to get one time meal a day after all the wok she had to do that day.Her husband used to bring other ladies to home and used to criticize her before them.Serena thought to leave the horrifying place but how?
She is a helpless woman and with noone to support her where can she go?
One day she planned to escape from that hell and acting like doing work she opened the door and tried to slip away but her fate is so bad that she was founded by her husband and he bet her so hard that she could hardly move and she fainted.
After a couple of hours she came into consciousness and was in a hospital and saw that her husband is talking to the doctor and what she can hear from their words is that "she is pregnant!".Crying on her fate,she told her baby that "everything will be right little one!".

After a week she was taken to home and she found that there is a change in her husband and her aunt with her.She was happy and thought may be beacause of the little one and after two months,one day Kevin came to her and asked her "do you want to live ?" ,she was surprised and said "i always wanted to live with you forever kevin!" Then Kevin took a Knife and said "but i don't!" and tried to kill her.She ran all the house and managed to get out from the house,how fast can she run in pregnancy?
she needs to save her little one,she needs to save her family,she is helpless and suddenly because of a rock she fell down and kevin got her.He stabbed her at the stomach and ran away.Helpless Serena,lied in the blood with unconsiousness,then a passing by strangers looked at her and took her to the nearby hospital.By god's grace she was fine and after few months,she gave birth to a handsome boy whom she named "KEVIN" and she happily lived her life with her little one.
A story which i don't know but it comes every night which makes me fear of what god wants me to know.... But a story which is still happening these days and there are many single mothers who are facing the same trouble as Serena has......Don't know its because of fate or beacause of what but it's happening....


Dee Foster said...

This is a very tragic story of a woman who wants the fairytale but had fought for her life to late or not hard enough. My mother was a single mother but too often women feel the need to wait til they are expected mothers to fight for themselves. Women should fight for their lives whether they are fighting for the life of their child or not.

I do love your story-telling. I would love for you to guest blog on Each Others Keeper very soon,

ravali said...

well obviously there are many single mothers at present and many situations are reversing these days,this is just one of a situation of the current situations.Well i would look forward for your valuable comments .thanks.