Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Life's just a Ramp Walk!!

The ramp is set before you can walk and all you need is to show up your confidence and go forward. The music is on, but still nothing to be heard except the walk to be completed by you. There will be many who will appreciate your walk and even take photographs of you and some will throw some tantrums or lewd comments on you but still you need to finish the walk on the ramp with an attitude and confidence within you. The show might start early and there might be many people who are walking along with you in this ramp but still if you loose your confidence you will slip on the ramp but still you should not give up or loose your attitude and finish the ramp walk. The ramp i mention here is this World created by god for us and there might be uncertainties in life but still you should complete this walk with the same old attitude and confidence you started in this life from the day you are born. 

Sometimes in life we need to build up good confidence within us, even though you are lost with the inner-most saddest parts of your life but still you need to have the confidence within you to get your life into a new phase. I slipped in this ramp walk many times and had got hurt with the lewd comments of people watching me but still i need to finish this walk at any cost and i got up and still walking...

Recently, i went to a fashion show event for the first time in the life which showed me that life is nothing but just a ramp walk. I have seen the models getting slipped sometimes because of the high heels but still their expressions on their face are the same, they didn't felt a shy or cried in front of everyone but they took it in a positive manner and completed the walk, that's what any one should have in their life. I know i have slipped many times in my life but until you finish this ramp walk you are not going to reach your purpose of life, so what i feel is life is just a ramp walk...

Don't cry if people call you a idiot, maniac and mainly loser because the name loser itself has a name winner by it's side and i always think life is life when we take a risk...

So, people are you ready to finish the ramp walk with me??

Take care everyone and don't forget to smile... :) :) 

Lastly, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!!!

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