Friday, April 4, 2014

My Experiences in USA!!

Hi Friends,
                I always wanted to write about my three years experience in United States Of America. I have learnt a lot from USA. In this blog i would like to share the little experiences of mine regarding the wonderful Cities i have visited in USA. My first city which i have stepped in was New York and let me start with the amazing experiences i have faced in this busiest city.

New York is a place where there is a unique culture, fashion and the lifestyle is different than the other parts of USA. I have seen many places in New York like the Statue of Liberty which is the best sculpture i have seen. The view of New York city from the boat to the Statue of Liberty was really amazing, surprising and awesome. We can get the glimpse of the whole downtown of New York city. The buildings were so huge and even we can get the newly ongoing construction of World Trade Center. I liked the Hot Dogs from New York Suburbs though my mom never let me to have street foods but still these were really yummy and fresh. The first time i have seen the Street Dancing was in New York and the dancers were really amazing, being a dancer myself i wish to learn certain dance moves from them. These talents are to be supported by the dance companies so that they can earn much more than performing at the streets. I have also noticed the wonderful Street Painting artists, who painted 3D images in such a ease and smoothly. The Street Magicians were kind of fun and really gifted but i wonder they earn much more money or not but they are really having a gifted talent which should be rewarded highly. Then, i have been to the Times Square where i can see all the Display Videos of the advertisers and the Wall Street as usual was busy with the stocks and exchanges but it was a busy street and is very classic.

Well, My experiences as a Tourist to New York was, learnt few steps of dance from Street Dancers, Have got a chance to see the 3D painting and Magical performances. I have also seen people roaming at nights and may be working so late around at 3:00AM too, which amused me so much. I felt am in a world where there is fun, excitement, work, joy and happiness. The winter over there is kinda horrible but the rest of the months will be like a place where anyone could never be bored of.

So, the next experience i gonna share is about Connecticut, USA...

Thanks for reading this post and have a fun and exciting weekends people...

Yours Ravie...!!!!

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