Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Awakening your inner self…!!!

With a wide smile and happiness to reach home, trying to cross the road with my Grandma and suddenly there was a huge sound all over the place and then I have checked my back to know if my Grandma is behind me or not, then I came to know that she had met with an accident. I was crossing the road with her holding my hands and walking towards the other side of the road and I have reached the other part but not my granny. All I can see is blood all over the place and people rushing towards the place, am just 8 years old and I was trying to find out where I can find my granny in that crowd. I have seen a fallen motorcycle and two people on my right and my granny right in front of me at a particular distance. I ran towards her, by pushing the crowd and calling my granny and crying. All I remember is the road we were crossing has no one at that time and no vehicles and then we started walking to the other side of the road after the walk sign, but where does this motor cycle come from and how did it hit my granny as I was holding her hand as well then I should also need to get the hit. God is always there and his way of showing things to us is a sign of something which we never can understand. Luckily, my granny just got a leg fracture and she is all well but not the motorcyclist.
At that age if you come across near to death and losing your loved ones right in front of you, how can a small girl can react to this incident?
I have learnt that you are living this very moment because you have done a good deed in your life. Many people who are being either forced to die or accidentally or something else was the destiny. My destiny might be something else which was only known to god. Every person has a destiny and knowing your destiny only comes when you finally start thinking about yourself. Some people think that failing in love is the end of life, losing their loved ones is the end of life, failing in exams, etc. But my question is what’s end of life?
Why are we are living in this world after losing our loved ones?
What’s the exact purpose of ours?
Was it is easy to die or easy to live?
 Not only once I got into these conclusions many times but couldn’t find the answers. What’s called destiny?
Why are we on this Planet?
Why should we earn, eat, sit, think etc.?
May be my questions aren't answered well by anyone but what I concluded myself was life is nothing but keeping yourself happy even the situations worsen, even there is no purpose left for you, Life is a boon given to us, Life is something about you and yourself and the relations you make or come across will leave you and go away but your life is just about conquering yourself, thinking about yourself and thinking about helping others and it all depends on your thoughts and mind control. Life is just a journey of a soul to its destiny and when the destiny is met, you will be called by god no matter where you are.

If there is air which you breathe in was the initial need to be alive, then god is in air, he is everywhere.
The purpose of a human or a living being is to fulfill the destiny we are born for and knowing that destiny will be your own self. I don’t know my destiny, but I knew one day my destiny will be completed and after completing it I wouldn't regret myself to meet the almighty. Planning no future, no past, no present but living this very moment with a smile on face and hope at heart is the purpose of mine. Aspirations, goals etc. are just made by yourself and those are your destiny and losing interest of that and killing yourself will be foolishness.
All you can conquer is about you and only you, you are a lone survivor, you are a born alone and die alone, reach the destiny and give your life a meaning and a purpose which will guide the others in your path… I really admire Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Bill Gates, as they have shown the path to lead a life and conquer it.

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