Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beany's Homework!!!

Hi Frns,
           This post is just a homework of beany:-(see i'm a good girl beany!!)

Seven things you don't know about me:-(guess what you people will do with that!!! well,received an award so had to do...!!!)
1)I'm very sensitive,well many people will think that what's this,but this is the truth.I'm easily hurted and even my parents won't scold me because if i start crying i won't stop!!!!(heheh...you may think i'm a cry baby but no very stubborn girl i don't want anyone yell at me so!!)

2)I eat a lot,well i like food and indian biriyani very much and if i saw it then don't ask i just go on munching.Well then don't think i'm a fat girl i knew beany will comment on this(you fat boy i like to eat but not that much !!)

3)I Love my DOG Krypto,i like him and think he is my little brother,whom at present i miss a lot because he is in india and me in USA(waaaaaa....why the immigration people won't allow a dog with me,i hate them!!)

4)Iam Open Minded,Whatever i think in my mind i will say and i can express it and i don't feel bad about that.

5)I don't trust anyone easily,because trust is only true when you can understand the person,so i don't trust easily anyone but in my blogging experience i found a very good friends like Beany,Sie,Jolly,Ms.jill,Mugambi,Sudhi and Tryant who made me to trust people,well guys i trust you more than myself because you are my best friends i have!!!

6)I Love People who talk a lot,Because i talk a lot!!

7)Lastly,i like people who help others,because in most cases i try my level best to help people in need a lot.

Beany Sir,i finished my homework what's my grade???

Tell me beany sir,

i know i will get A+ right???(plzzzzzzzzz.....)


beanizer_05 said...

just A no + 'coz you didn't add one important fact..that I'm THE CUTEST!!..
hahhaha!! you are the fattest!! bleh bleh!!
Krypto just told me he doesn't love you at all..that's why he asked the immigration officers NOT to allow him to come with you! bleh! haha!
wel, i know you're talkative! haha!
you forgot another fact of you..YOU ARE A LOLLIE SNATCHER! hmP!

ravali said...

@beany:- you Fattest Boy in the whole world!!!!!
wait i will snatch all your lollies and your batman car...just see!!!