Friday, February 11, 2011

The Essence Of Love!!!!

ని కోసం నిరీక్షించే ఈ ప్రేయసి రాసే ఒక చిన్న కవిత:---(it means,i'm waiting for you dear lover,please listen my words of love...)

I don't even know the way you look like but i can feel the presence of you in the air,
I don't even know whether you are searching for me or not, but my eyes search for you wherever i go,
I don't even know you feel the same but even though i feel for you a lot,
I wish this valentine you are with me forever but i don't know you are still looking for me or not,
This crazy heart doesn't know the meaning of you but it just understands the feeling of your's ,
Take care my valentine i hope you are not so far from me.......
Well,this crazy girl also got a essence of love too,to find her true love and happiness even though her studies are main priority but this crazy mind thinks about her sweet handsome prince in her dreams,
People life will have a goal for sure but don't forget including your goal you still have to think about your little happiness's in your life too,every day i dream about my work but i think about my future also but i don't know which kind of person will i get to be my husband but i'm sure god has choosen the BEST for me!!


(TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Jimmy Kicks Corner said...

You will find your true prince, I have no doubt. Good things happen to good people.

ravali said...

@jimmy:-hopefully i'm waiting for my prince of love...

Mukund said...

Hmmm!!! I love this article! I found my princess anyway! By the way, happy valetine's day!!!

ravali said...

@Mukund:-Happy Valentine's day to you too!

Balqis said...

I love everything you say here. It's so beautiful with good intentions of getting the love of your life. The summary is excellent. Happy Valentine's to you! :)

ravali said...

@balquis:-thanks for the appreciation,i'm happy that you liked my post!
have a nice valentine's week to you too!