Monday, February 22, 2010

Corporal punishment still an ugly reality

Forced to kneel under harsh sunlight without your shirt?
Surely this is not a memory of school that anyone would wish for their children.But that's exactly what students were put through at many schools in India these days.Corporal punishment is a reality in many city schools,but is an issue that parents are afraid to speak out against,lest their wards are subjected to harsher treatment in vindication.This was not only a problem for a few people but for many but they are afraid to keep this before the government or the district educational officers because the school management may punish their children.Many parents who tried to focus on this issue had received a negative side from the school managements because of this many children suffer a lot.I read an article in the newspaper that two UKG students were beaten up and kneel-ed down at the sunlight for more than 2 hours just because they plucked flowers of the garden!!! is this incident a really serious thing how could a teacher can beat such small kids just because of such a silly reason? and that too a lower grader!!!
I remember my school days where teachers used to punish us if and only if we did not done our home work or did not remind our lessons.But know it seems all things have been changed and punishing of students became a major goal of teachers know!!!
Ridiculously we used to compare our teachers as the lord Brahma who is known as Guru for all of the human beings.I still remember the slogan:Gurur brahma gurur vishnu 
                                                                    Gurur devo maheshwara
                                                                     Guru sakhshat parah brahma
                                                                      tasmayi sree guruve namaha"
This slogan means that,"Lord Brahma is the teacher of Lord Vishnu,Shiva and he is the teacher of all the other human world."such a peak destiny and respect is there for teachers but nowadays i dont think this slogan represent such teachers who thinks punishment is the only solution for getting good marks. 

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