Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Father

My father is the greatest dad ever in this world.As everyone love their own father like wise i too love my father but some what more than all of ya!!! kidding.

The word "FATHER" itself shows the warmthness of happiness in everyone's life.My father is one of such kind who really persisted such a adamant girl!!! He never said "NO" to my wishes neither said "YES" as he always knows that he will definitely do what i wish for.My single word of calling "DADDY" makes his day rememberable. He was my inspiration to my dreams and he will be my aspiration to achieve them.He was the supporter to my life and well-wisher.

Some great poet said that whatever comes in your life but family stands beside you and supports you in every matter.Iam glad to have such a parents who were so supportive and i never forget thier warmth of love and support they gave me.I saw many youngsters who scold their fathers for not supporting them in bad things,but i never think that any father will support their children in doing bad things.Youngsters doesnot think that,how many difficulties their fathers faced to brought them to such a level where they can own depend by themselves but there are some unusual youngsters who think that their dad's are worst dad's and comment on them before their friends and act like a very good boys and girls in their homes!!!

Iam not saying that every youngster is doing such a thing but some people are there who are really not worthful person to call their father's as worthless.I saw many youngsters who call their father name as if they are greater than him and boast before their friends as they are great but they dont even know that great scientists,doctors,engineers etc never ever said that "my dad is bad person"!!! Even the King of Pop Late Micheal Jackson said that even though his father did beat him many times but he was the best!!

So my dear friends,im really grateful to convey atleast a small message about my father and i knew that this was not even enough behalf of his love and affection but this was my thankfulness to my father who stood beside me in my sorrows and myhappiness.

All of you guys i knew many like their father but dont like them but do something that which make him proud to tell about you as his son/daughter!!

Daddy this post is really for you,i want you to be my father in every life!!!! 

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