Thursday, February 18, 2010


Love is a word where there are no certain words to describe it,as it is such a word everyone wants to live with it.From birth to death Love is the word which lives in the person and death too.Love makes a man to travel into such a wonderful world where there is only happiness resides and it makes him with chirpy thoughts in his mind.Through love one can gain a war and peace.Love is such a powerful word which has no end and there is no source to end it.Love is like a rising sun which makes the mankind to rise to a certain heights where there will be no sight of sadness.
         But nowadays,love has been beaten by Hatred,the hatred of religion,race,mankind,industry,movies,songs etc.Once there were days where there is only love between the people of all religion over the world and happiness,but now there is just an egocentric,self-centered,narcissistic world where there is no place for Love!

         People know love only their money and fame but not those persons who are responsible for their success.Terrorism has been rooted because of hatred,where people themselves made the hatred rose in their beautiful minds and started hating each other.Hating became such an extreme situation where people know started killing each other just for being noted!!!! 

        Ridiculous thing is that people are not hurting others but themselves only. If really people love their own society there wont be any barriers  of Racism,Terrorism,Maoists etc.My opinion to all the people all over the world is just at least one time try to love your society,people around the world and just think what we missed before.I proudly say that iam a HUMAN BEING and had my own caste that is EARTH.Iam not a Christian,not a Hindu,not a muslim, etc iam a HUMAN BEING and iam not bothered of which religion i belong to all i bother is iam a HUMAN BEING and i know only Love for others but not Hatred.All HUMAN BEINGS are equal with equal hearts,equal brain,equal legs,equal hands,equal blood.No Human being had difference in these parts only if that person may be gifted with any more legs or hands unless all are equal.My relation to all the Human world is blood relation with all Human Beings who has blood  flowing in their veins.

        So,my conclusion is that live your life with love and happiness and life is so short,dont overcome the hatred in your hearts which only leaves you in a desert of sadness rather than nothing.If killing is the solution for your happiness then kill yourselves not others because no person in the world has a right to kill others.
                             Love Humanity,Love People not their Caste and Religion!!!!   

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