Sunday, June 5, 2011

No words to say!!

Never knew that there will be one day i will be of no words,in a surprise,in a shock of amazement,in a thrill,in a new world,i'm experiencing a lot now!
I don't know what's this feeling i'm feeling now,a little enjoyment,a little sadness,a little happiness overall even though it is paining in the heart i like the pain of it and from the person i'm receiving it.

I'm once used to be a different person before but i'm changed a lot when i look back from now,i don't know why some people in our life change us in a vast way that we cannot even imagine that we were this before!
Got many friends and a loving family but some people stole my heart with their really good instincts towards me.
Met many people but found few people who are really amazing at the way they are.Let me tell you some great persons i saw who are just common as we are but really amazing through heart,yes i'm talking about the Common Man!
A true incident which took me overwhelmed and surprised that this world still got Helping Hands left!
A Common Man like all of us of age may be at his 40's and may be a carpenter through profession i guess helped a old lady to buy the bus fare without expecting any money from her!!
I'm surprised even me i never bought a fare for the poor even though i belong from a rich family,but a common man just like us took my heart to surprise and mouth to shut with no words!

People, the one thing we are forgetting is that we are engaging ourselves in such a way that we are not even having time to think about a good deed but if once you did a good deed,you will remain a hero to that person who got the help from you.Try to help the people around you who need your help and be a everlasting hero!! 


beanizer_05 said...

i'm a hero..i'm batman! remember!?

and you can be a hero wanna help cleaning my pot? i would forever if you do it..ehhehe

ravali said...

@beany: kiddo...first learn manners,you should clean your pot otherwise your mom will yell at ya!!

vijaya said...

very good ravali.

Jolly Princess said...

I am happy you had accepted the reality of life. Just stay as sweet as you are. And...continue to inspire people in whatever way you can.

ravali said...

@vijaya: thanks!!

@jolly: yeh gal,really missing bloggers fun though!

Sie said...

*hugs hmmmmmmmmmm..* nice piece Ravie..the most important thing in this world is giving love and sharing our blessings to others.God uses simple circumstances to remind us how blessed we are :)

Ritchie said...

No one ever forgets one single act of kindness, especially when it comes from someone like a total stranger. It brings great joy to the receiver and the giver shows that there is still humanity in a world which sometimes feels like it is becoming darker and darker.

Thanks for the warm thoughts my friend.