Friday, May 28, 2010

5 Headed Snake!!!!

Hi frns,
          Today i want you people to tell you about an incident near Mangalore,india at Kukke Subrahmanyam Temple,it is a very pretty creature,curvy,unimaginable,unexpected i.e,they encountered by a real snake with 5heads!!!

It was a true incident though many are not accepting but there are such a type snakes according to science.

In science these type living beings are called POLYCEPHALY,means having more than one head.The born of a animal in such a condition was known as DIPROSOPUS,mean it is having a congenital disorder,which involves in defects of developing fetus.

It is unbelievable for many but our ancestors really knew about these facts as this strange things hasn't happened now,we all studied about many mythological creatures but this is the fact they were actually may be real as science indeed has been awestruck to give an answer.But believe it or not such congenital disorder are there not only in snakes but in any living being!!

Enjoy it!!!!(*phew...scary*)


sudhi said...

well the snake z really magnificent!!! such incidents really make me think tht world z too large!!! i saw 3 headed nd 2 headed snakes bt nt 5 headed ... so i'll definitely wil ty to c it!!!!

Suraj Vibhute said...

I also saw two headed snakes and turtles but with five heads this is my first time, amazing!

ravali said...

@sudhi &suraj:---yes indeed a surprise for me but it is for real!!!

Bensh said...

Ravali, I too heard this news and i too have these photos in my official mail-ID. It's near to the Infosys Campus